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Our bodies have a divine capacity to be well. Despite a frenetic and sometimes toxic world, through mindful habits we can return to vitality. Our natural rhythm of motion, nourishment, and rest is already in place, we just need to honor it. Living not only longer and stronger but with vitality and a sense of well-being is within our reach. Tune in to Fit Lifestyles for extraordinary news and tips to enjoy vibrant and energetic days.

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Fit Lifestyles – A Health Plan to Match Your Parents Life Span

80% of disease and disability is lifestyle related. It’s heartbreaking and at times burdensome to see a parent or mature adult suffer unnecessarily. Listen to this call with guest Norma Zitterkopf  to be a part in helping your parents live longer, stronger more vibrant years free of disease and medicine. It’s possible to slow the aging […]

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Fit Lifestyles with Kelli Calabrese

Kelli Calabrese is a clinical exercise physiologist and 25 year fitness & wellness leader. She has owned and operated health clubs, prepared over 3K candidates to become certified fitness professionals, managed corporate fitness centers for companies like Calvin Klein Cosmetics and Beneficial Insurance and was the lead fitness expert for eDiets and eFitness. Kelli is an executive with Isagenix International – The leader in nutritional cleansing, is a mission marketer for Beyond Organic and is the international master trainer for Adventure Boot Camp – the largest fitness boot camp company in the world. She is the owner of Divine Health wellness studio and has amassed 25 certifications in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and health living. Kelli has been cheerfully married for 18 years to an adoring man and is a huge fan of her son and daughter!