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Football Ranters is a weekly free-flowing discussion of all things NFL. We will cover the spread from goal post to goal post with candid interviews. Using the most obscure curse words we’ll recap the biggest games, follow the most compelling stories and ask the toughest questions. You’ll come for the in-depth coverage, but stay for the colorful commentary.

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Football Ranters – “Week 12 Recap”

We know the question on all of your minds, Lunatics — you want to know just what horrible, terrible, awful thing Darin Gantt wrote this week. Well, you have come to the right place, because this week we continue our new segment that answers that very question. Oh, and there’s some football stuff too, culminating […]

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Football Ranters with Hosts The Football Ranter and The Danchise

The Football Ranter
After studying economics at Tufts and law at an undisclosed New York law school, the man who would be the Football Ranter became disenfranchised with the structure, rules and edicts of white collar America. Seeking an escape and yearning to break free, he turned inward to his love of football. What emerged was the Football Ranter, a savvy expert on all things gridiron who is not afraid to call it like he sees it…and eat some ice cream in the process.

The Danchise
Growing up as a shockingly nonathletic child in the Midwest, The Danchise used his time away from the field to absorb as much football knowledge as his simian brain could reasonably hold. A freelance writer by day, Danchise uses his free time to build his knowledge of the game. He will go to any lengths to sway others to his point of view in barroom sports arguments, including biased research, statistical manipulation and — if all else fails — belligerent yelling.


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