Functional Divorce – Your Guide to Healing and Happiness

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From the moment the question or idea of divorce enters your or your spouse’s mind, your marriage, family and life will never be the same. It’s not necessarily that divorce is inevitable, it’s just that things are going to change. The changes don’t have to be bad even if you divorce because the thing about change is that you can use it to make your life and relationships better.

In this series, Dr. Karen will tackle all of the hard questions that divorce brings up: How can we protect the kids? Can my marriage be saved? Can I survive on my own? She’ll give you the answers you need with compassion, knowledge, and a touch of humor. You’ll love the show and won’t want to miss a single episode!

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Functional Divorce – Your Guide to Healing and Happiness – Another Way Divorce Sucks: It Can Impact Your Long-term Health!

No matter how you look at it divorce sucks!…at least in the short-term. But more and more research is being done on how divorce impacts former spouses. The results are sobering. Karen and her guest Dr. Jennifer Ridley, a functional medicine doctor, discuss the long-term health implications of divorce and what you can do to […]

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Functional Divorce – Your Guide to Healing and Happiness with Karen Finn

Dr. Karen Finn is a life coach and author who specializes in divorce. Although her original training is as a chemical engineer, her own divorce in 2002 gave her the opportunity to evaluate where her life was headed. She realized that engineering wasn’t where she could make the biggest impact, so as part of her divorce recovery process she recreated herself both personally and professionally.

Dr. Karen’s company, The Functional Divorce, caters to individuals who are wondering if their marriage can be saved, who are confused and frustrated by everything that goes into becoming legally divorced, or who need a bit of extra support and encouragement to navigate the chaotic emotions and life changes they’re experiencing. The Functional Divorce provides individual coaching, products, group workshops, and other great resources. You can learn more at