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Going Beyond Word by Word

Jerry Welch

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Host: Jerry Welch

The series will begin as an examination of the current state of corporations and the influence they have over global politics and economic trends. This portion of the series will serve as a richly detailed illumination of the central themes found in Jerry’s novels Welcome to Reality and Corporacracy. The show will open a discourse about the disenfranchisement that Jerry has personally experienced in his dealings with corporations. The series will gradually progress in order to include Jerry’s forthcoming work, OBES: A Creed for Living Life, whereby he will provide more general observations about life and the practice of living it well. Jerry will use individual words in a uniquely formulated manner to invite and entice the listener to actively participate as he offers thought-provoking insights and questions for self-reflection without burdening the listener with judgments or agendas. Jerry’s goal is to facilitate rather than dictate, allowing the listener to (re)discover a positive, harmonious relationship with nature, a sense of self-assurance in the individual, and the fortitude to cope with the issues of today that affect us all.

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Going Beyond Word by Word – Corporacracy

This week author and neutral activist Jerry Welch introduces the basis of his social theory Corporacracy. Welch enumerates the ways in which our daily lives are affected by Corporacracy, and how many negative aspects of the state of affairs in our country and around the world are chiefly a result of this social force. He […]

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Going Beyond Word by Word with Jerry Welch

Mr. Welch was born in 1933. He developed a flair for business at a young age and has been involved in many ventures from public communications to property management. For example, as a board member of the Madison Exchange Club, Mr. Welch was instrumental in formulating the location and start of the Madison Exchange Club Prevention of Child Abuse Center and its ultimate association with the Madison Family Center. Mr. Welch now lives comfortably managing his properties in Wisconsin and New Mexico, and he enjoys periodic retreats to Mexico, where he does much of his writing in the temperate winter months. The onset of his retirement, combined with an acute awareness of the injustices which riddle our political system, prompted him to put a lifetime of experience and insight into writing. His experiences in various forms of business and property development forced numerous interactions and confrontations with corporations and local authorities, and these events led to his formation of the concept of “Corporacracy” and related ideas on life. You can follow his blog at

In keeping with his zest for life and flair for the written word, Mr. Welch has embarked on a literary endeavor in which he illustrates his life’s observations by delivering countless bits of philosophy, advice, but most importantly, questions for further consideration in an encyclopedic fashion. The forthcoming work entitled OBES: A Creed for Living Life is a journey through the life of a man who has experienced both hard times and great triumphs. The book is meant to stimulate thought and to instill in the reader the power of self-reflection in order to answer their own questions about living life without burdening the reader with criticism or preaching on how to live their individual lives. OBES is currently being compiled by a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison graduates under the supervision and editing of Mr. Welch. The release date of OBES is aimed at 12/12/12.