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Many of us think climate change is a problem for people and animals in a land far, far away. Indeed there are a host of really important reasons most people still aren’t making green choices throughout the day. What’s your reason?

A. Don’t get why it’s so important
B. Don’t know how and too busy to figure it out
C. I think the problem is out of control and what I do won’t make a difference
D. I think climate change is a natural part of the planetary cycle; it happened before – millions of years ago
E. Living green gets in the way of my fabulous lifestyle
F. I’m too sexy to worry about such things

Climate Change is hitting a lot closer to home than we think. Join Antoinette Nue, The Green Living Goddess, and her guests as they peel back the news headlines to reveal the real face of climate change here in the U.S. She says we’re brilliant enough to have it all – the fabulous life, beautiful homes, sexy cars – and we don’t have to do it at our neighbor’s expense.

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Green Stories: Ripped from the Headlines with Antoinette Nue

Author, speaker and green living expert Antoinette Nue is The Green Living Goddess. She’s a former certified green builder, home energy rater and building superintendent. She spent 18 months in Central Eastern Europe promoting green building products and sustainable development before turning her attention to presenting green living workshops and educational videos with an eye toward having her own TV show.

Ms. Nue has been a featured guest on NPR Radio, Urban Business Roundtable with Roland Martin, and on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show.

She first turned her back on green living thinking it would mean giving up her “let’s do drinks” lifestyle for that of a tree-hugger. Since then she’s discovered that you can have it all and do it in a way that’s sustainable.