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With health facts and fiction everywhere today, it’s easy to end up wondering who or what to believe and how to actualize any of it to better your health. On Healthy Medicine Report, Johns-Hopkins-trained physician Nancy Lonsdorf, MD pulls it all together with expert interviews, research analysis and stories of health and healing from conventional and complementary medicine. Going beyond the ordinary, Dr. Nancy explores the essence of real health and healing and brings her unique perspective to contemporary health questions and news. Join us for informative, in-depth discussions and practical tips to feel better now.

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Healthy Medicine Report – Your Heart Speaks

Did you know that psychological stress is the biggest indicator of future heart problems? That deeply-rooted social support can “immunize” against heart attacks? That feeling loved overpowers the negative effects or depression on the heart? Learn how you can in effect save someone’s life by showing you love them, and heal your own heart at […]

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Healthy Medicine Report with Nancy Lonsdorf MD

Named “one of the nation’s most prominent Ayurvedic doctors” by the Chicago Tribune, Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D. is an author, teacher and Ayurvedic specialist in women’s health issues. Dr. Lonsdorf is board-certified in integrative medicine by the American Board of Integrative, Holistic Medicine (ABIHM), has a private practice in Fairfield, Iowa, and teaches Clinical Ayurveda training courses for medical doctors at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla, California.

Nancy Lonsdorf, M.D. received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and did her residency training in psychiatry at Stanford University. She trained in Ayurveda with leading Ayurvedic physicians and scholars in India, Europe and the United States.

Dr. Lonsdorf has served as the medical director of The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa, an award-winning Ayurvedic treatment center, and The Maharishi Ayurveda Medical Center in Washington D.C., the first Ayurvedic medical clinic in the nation’s capital.

Dr. Lonsdorf has special expertise in women’s health and is author of The Ageless Woman: Natural Health and Beauty After Forty with Maharishi Ayurveda (MCD Century, May 2004), and co-author of a best-selling Ayurvedic health guide for women of all ages entitled A Woman’s Best Medicine: Health, Happiness and Long Life through Maharishi Ayur-Veda, published in 1995 by Tarcher/Putnam of New York.

Dr. Lonsdorf is the recipient of the Atreya Award for excellence in Ayurvedic practice given by the Association of Ayurvedic Pracitioners of North America. She has served as a consultant and grant reviewer in complementary and alternative medicine for the National Institutes of Health and currently serves on the editorial board of Natural Medicine Journal. She has lectured at leading medical schools including Johns Hopkins, Columbia-Presbyterian, NIH and the CDC, is a frequently quoted expert on Ayurveda and natural health in the lay press, and has been featured in numerous local and national TV and radio shows as well as the print media.