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Hope for Today’s Family

Brooks Gibbs

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Host: Brooks Gibbs

Hope is here now. Brooks Gibbs is on its path and sleuthing out solutions for families in crisis. A compassionate look at today’s family dynamics and the attendant pressures and problems, Hope for Today’s Family offers practical ideas for healing and renewing the bonds. With insightful commentary, compelling anecdotes you’ll be inspired and most importantly imbued with a sense of hope to soldier on toward happiness.

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Hope for Today’s Family with Brooks Gibbs

Brooks Gibbs understands the diversity, challenges, heartaches, and hopes of today’s family. His listeners remain in transfixed silence as he speaks with the clarity and confidence of someone twice his age. He is a student of wisdom and posses an insatiable appetite for transformational ideas that bring hope to hurting hearts. Brooks grew up in a dysfunctional family shattered by divorce and addiction which resulted in years of emotional pain and insecurities. On his own path to emotional health, he developed the ability to identify simple solutions to complex problems. Not wanting to keep them to himself, he has spoken live to over a million people, written self-help books, and produced numerous radio and television programs. He is happily married to his ‘hero’, Jill Gibbs, who is confined to a wheelchair- permanently disabled but fearlessly independent. Together, they are raising two world changers.


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