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Hosts: Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Welcome to Love Works and the science of relationships, with your hosts, Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick. This show focuses on tips and advice to help you find your perfect match, strengthen communication, and develop lasting personal relationships. Are you curious as to how two engineers ended up becoming leading experts in relationships? Are you interested in practical steps that help you get the relationship you deserve in your life? Then simply tune-in, download and listen. Become part of our family around the world. Lisett and Jim, the Love Engineers! Show Sponsor

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Love Works – Passive-Aggressive Abuse

A passive-aggressive person uses language to manipulate and control a relationship. While people may have passive-aggressive tendencies that may or not be triggered in a given situation or with a specific partner, there are some people that only relate in a passive-aggressive manner. These true passive-aggressives cannot recognize their behavior, show no remorse, and seem […]

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Love Works with Lisett Guevara & Jim Gulnick

Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick are the hosts of Love Works, The Science of Relationships. Their book, “Single? How I found my perfect match in 90 days”, documents the actual process that Lisett used to discover herself and uncover Jim. The results and story of the process were so extraordinary that family and friends urged the couple to write a book and share the information. This launched the team’s career in relationship engineering, education, and entertainment.

Lisett and Jim are not only talking about relationships, they are a living example of the advice they offer. Unlike other relationship experts, Lisett and Jim are not only co-authors and co-hosts but also husband and wife. This allows them to see issues from both male and female perspectives, and provide personally tested solutions. Additionally, they are both engineers and seek the science behind the belief.

Lisett Guevara owns her own consulting company and provides auditing, training, process improvement recommendations, and documentation. She has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies attain ISO (International Standard Organization) certification in quality management systems since 2000. Lisett has a doctorate level schooling in education, a master’s degree in industrial engineering, and undergraduate degree in information engineering.

As an expert business consultant, Lisett has helped more than 200 companies and 1500 couples and individuals with their communication and relationships since 1998. She has helped many clients, past students, and customers to rebuild and strengthen their marriages, open up their communication, and learn to understand themselves and each other better.

Lisett has over 18 years of experience as a professor at both undergraduate and graduate levels, led and implemented educational projects about: teamwork, rules of negotiation, effective communication, and helped implement strategies to discover the effectiveness of people.

Jim Gulnick has more than 20 years’ experience in engineering, marketing, and sales psychology. He has a balanced approach to objective analysis and solution creation, and is well skilled in his ability to read people and their behavior. Jim has a master’s degree in business administration and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering achieving membership in honors societies for both disciplines. As a Competent Toastmaster, former elected Class Speaker for Leadership Lycoming, and past President of the Williamsport Merchants and Business Association (WMBA), Jim has held a variety of leadership positions, such as serving as a business owner and board member where knowing how to develop strong interpersonal relationship skills was vital.

The authors have appeared as repeat guests on radio shows around the world in places such as Venezuela, London, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City and Dallas. They conduct seminars internationally and are available for interactive conversation with audiences. Interviews and seminars may be conducted in English or Spanish.