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Why are some businesses successful while others can’t make it through the first year? Chances are its not just luck but a carefully crafted plan of products or services, more importantly they understand the art of creative marketing. Options and strategies available for today’s small business abound. How do you sort it all out and stop spinning your wheels from losing financial resources and fast-forward to increase to your bottom line? Get ready and get set to grow your market with Connie Pheiff!

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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! – Lead With Your Strengths and Trust Your Gut

GUEST: Deb Ingino We’re always looking for highly motivated guest for Marketing Masters. Want to be a guest on Marketing Masters? Contact TEAM PHEIFF to receive a guest application. Welcome to #Marketing Masters radio hosted by @ConniePheiff the #queenofmarketing. Each week Connie Pheiff connects you with the best of the best thought leaders from around the globe sharing […]

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Marketing Masters: Innovate, Captivate, Convert! with ConniePheiff

Connie, aka Queen of the Ask is living proof that you don’t need permission to take charge of your life. She’s a modern day Cinderella story! Connie was expected to cook, clean and tend to her family at the expense of her own dreams and happiness. From an early age, Connie felt that she was a round peg in a square hole; that she was not living up to her potential. Her experiences unearthing her truths have inspired her to help women overcome their challenges, realize their potential and not settle for the life others think they should live.

Her earliest work with nonprofit organizations quickly moved her to the role of CEO. Heeding her own advice, after years of working in the nonprofit sector, Connie embraced the scary reality of change to follow her passion: helping women overcome challenges and getting them UNstuck.

Hailed by clients as “impressive,” “outstanding,” and “an exceptional leader with humor” for her no-nonsense strategies of guiding entrepreneurs to look at their business strategies differently. Connie believes the American dream is still possible – it just looks different. Connie helps women entrepreneurs become effective leaders by teaching them how to overcome their challenges and embrace change.

Pheiff continues to contribute to the nonprofit sector and through her work has seen increases in revenue by million of dollars. She donates her time to organizations that focus on helping women.


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