Master Your Energy, Master Your Life

Show Details HostI get people what they want, fast – that’s the bottom line for Sheevaun – the ultimate teacher of ancient energetic principles. Knowing that anyone can make this statement and that a lot of people do, Sheevaun shares stories from actual clients who came to her with an issue and found themselves succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. Listen and learn how to get what you want!


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Master Your Energy, Master Your Life with Sheevaun Moran

People come to Sheevaun to feel better – to realize their dreams. Some want to have their health returned, some want a better relationship, some are stuck in life, and nothing is working. Still others work with her because no one else can find out what’s going wrong with their body, relationship, business, finances.

Before founding Energetic Solutions, Sheevaun spent fifteen years managing and directing multi-million dollar corporate sales accounts – but she has the unique skill of making the complex simple and tying the western mind into eastern philosophies so that the group or organization with which she works benefits on all levels.

Today, she is a highly regarded speaker, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur. As an expert in the field of subtle energy and its application in life to our minds, bodies, emotions, relationships, and finances, she empowers people to achieve and succeed with the proper use of energetic consciousness.

She has produced over a dozen popular meditation CD’s, with four more soon to be released, and is the author of three books, Shotgun Shopping, Overcome the 7 Energies That Zap Your Life, and Rewrite Your Prosperity Autobiography. Sheevaun also hosts international teleconference workshops and has helped 7,500 clients individually and 10’s of thousands of people improve their lives.

To schedule Sheevaun to speak at your event call 714.374.1988.

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