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Dr. Eric Schneider

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Host: Dr. Eric Schneider

We’ve come a long way from just getting to church on time. Relationships and love interests are now generation 3.0. From monogamy to polyamory, no subject is off limits, Dr. Eric Schneider questions the conventional to explore and reveal the genuine make-up of what we call love. Ready for an upgrade? Tune in each week for a contemporary look at the ancient myth called LOVE.

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Modern Love – Your relationship is NOT OVER!

It’s just at a crossroads. Are you wondering why you are in this relationship anymore? Well then listen up. You are not alone. In the evolution of relationships, coming to a crossroads is a natural aspect of being in one. On today’s show, Dr. Daniela Roher, PhD., co-author of the book “Couples at the Crossroads: […]

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Modern Love with Dr. Eric Schneider

Dr. Eric is a life-long student and faithful practitioner of human relationships. He believes that, in love, you can find the deepest, most profound meaning in life. In over 20 years of private practice, Dr. Eric coaches his clients how to access and implement their inner resources to nourish a rewarding and gratifying relationship with the ones they care about. Author Jean Godfrey June, former client said: “He calls you on things. He won’t let you waste your time. He is very upfront, honest and incredibly effective.”

Dr. Eric has served as the Director of Counseling at ‘Friends In Deed’ for the past 20 years. He is the author of “How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship Without Feeling Like a Jerk, a Loser, or a Failure” and has released 2 CDs, “A Good Night’s Sleep” and “Academic Excellence.” Dr. Eric holds a doctorate in Ministry specializing in Interfaith pastoral and spiritual counseling, and did post-graduate work at Harvard’s Mind Body Institute. He has taught at NYU School of Health Sciences, SUNY Medical School, and Pacific School of Oriental Medicine. He has also been a disciple of East Asian psychology and philosophy for over 40 years.


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