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Have you ever bought a beauty product because you saw it written up in some magazine or heard it’s a celebrity’s favorite? Then you try it at home a couple times and it ends up in a drawer (I like to call it the beauty product graveyard) with the rest of your barely-used products. Tune in to My Beauty Binge so that I can help you navigate through all the extravagant claims and pretty packaging. I’ll also share the latest beauty trends, hottest red carpet looks, and how you can easily achieve them at home. Tune into to My Beauty Binge and join me for my gluttonous love of everything beauty!

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My Beauty Binge – Trends that Annoy Me

Tune into My Beauty Binge this week to hear me bitch about all the beauty trends that are annoying me.

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My Beauty Binge with Janna Mandell

Janna Mandell is the founder and editor of Beauty Binge, an edgy yet girly beauty blog that celebrates the gluttony of beauty. Janna was recently chosen by Allure Magazine as a finalist for Beauty Blogger of the Year. Previously, Janna was a freelance nightlife writer for New York Magazine and Details. Janna and her husband recently moved to the Bay Area from New York City, where she lived for 16 years.