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Living the successful life is more than luck; it’s a strategy applied to goals with your own unique imprint. On Practical Karma: The Coach Approach, Wendy Kay and her guests will share real life stories, tools, tips and techniques to tame your destiny and create the future that you deserve. So – it’s part magic and part purpose – but it’s your work – and it’s your life, so take the reins and let it flow!

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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach with Wendy Kay

Wendy Kay is a nationally practicing Certified Life Strategy Coach, motivator, educator, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of research and participation in an array of personal development programs/techniques and spiritual actualization practices. Wendy Kay has authored the new book, Mastering the Art of Feeling Good, a practical-guidance, how-to of enriching one’s life by learning how to feel good at will. The book is a Must Read for anyone who wants to feel good now, and for a lifetime!

Wendy enjoyed several years as a successful Business Director, growing multimillion dollar annual budget businesses through building great teams and understanding how to motivate and inspire people to be their best. She taught Professional/Personal Development classes at the college level, and was an advocate and speaker during and after college, promoting awareness and motivating others in self-care. In her long journey of self-development, she’s been involved in the 12-Step community and currently offers services to others as a Life Coach to assist in reaching various goals and to find more success in their own lives.

Having gone through many of life’s challenges herself, and eventually conquering every single one of them, Wendy found it her passion and purpose to help and encourage others to find a way through their own challenges. Knowing where to find strength and courage in herself, she knows that everyone possesses these very same capabilities. She believes that those who are willing to find strength, courage, and their own way, always do; and they are the ones that find out how amazing they really are, as well as the world around them. Being a philosopher of life, Wendy sees that anyone can live a life of peace filled with joy and many happy moments, and they can start whenever they choose.

From witnessing decades of an unfolding in herself and others, she realizes that so many still remain without direction, or too afraid to do anything different – even though it continues to cause them unhappiness. Wendy’s work and writings promote self-actualization in an inspiring and practical manner. Her purpose is to encourage the people of the world to choose to experience the beauty that is their life by just being open to it. Brad Saul of Matrix Media Inc. thought Wendy Kay could bring new perspective that may help listeners live their lives more successfully through conscious awareness.

A personal note from Wendy:
“I see the beauty in the world now, as I have also seen the world through bleak eyes. I see the beauty in you and I see the divinity that threads through us all making us one. As one, I must share what I see with as many as I can, or would find it to be self-defeating. Today, I know that what we each see is a choice. My work now is to let you know that I love you and that I see you are perfect at your core, and I celebrate you. I want you to know that you are wonderful, amazing, and capable of all of your dreams; any pursuit you choose that feels right, is sure to be your purpose and a contribution in and to the world. And finally, I want to assure you that if you need help, it is everywhere around you, and in you; but you must seek it, fore you will not recognize it until you do.”


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