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The path to happiness is not always clear or easy. Finding the perfect piece to complete your puzzle of life can be daunting! On Pursuing Your Happiness we’ll help guide you through the maze with real tools and tips to help enhance your physical health and emotional well-being. Expert interviews and personal anecdotes of challenge and triumph over adversity help you navigate toward the end goal: Happiness!

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Pursuing Your Happiness – The World Is Becoming Smaller Day-by-Day

World is becoming a smaller place. Today’s advancements have rendered the geographical boundaries meaningless. Our yesterday’s neighbors are becoming our today’s roommates. We are becoming more dependent on each other and the environmental, political or economic issues are not limited to one country or one region, but they are global and they affect each and […]

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Pursuing Your Happiness with Farid Arjan

Farid Arjan is the author of “Reclaiming Your Destiny.” He has studied various schools of spirituality and is a devoted observer of the social landscape. Having held various corporate positions for over twenty-five years, Farid has gained deep insight into the corporate our day-to-day work that impacts every aspect of our life. He is also the author of “Our Leaders, Our Choices, Our Destiny: Reclaiming Your Destiny in the Midst of Confusing Brawl.” Farid has also been involved in corporate consulting and gives thought-provoking insight into society. Farid currently lives in the Baltimore, Maryland area.


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