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Travel: It’s become too easy these days. With the ease of online hotel bookings and travel review sites, your holiday is never more than a couple clicks away. But if you’re looking for more than a “Yelp” experience, this is your show. Your host, Justin Jones, is a self-styled travel guru who likes his travel with more grit than glamour. He’ll drag you off the beaten path to unlock the secrets of exotic locales while cutting to the core of local culture. Hear what the locals eat, where they hang out, and where to find the best deals and bargains. Discover what life is like on the other side of a one way ticket with Justin Jones!

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Radical Travel – How Technology is Changing Travel

In this edition of Radical Travel, Justin Jones discusses how technology is changing the world of travel. From ubiquitous internet, even in developing nations, to backpackers with smartphones, packed with apps and information — it’s a much different world than it was just a few years ago. We chat with David Hoffman video travel blogger […]

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Radical Travel with Justin Jones

Justin Jones is the founder and editor in chief of and blogs at A true travel guru who has been around the world and back again, Justin is a self-styled life-aholic who truly thrives on adventure and always tries to live life to the fullest while sharing his unique experiences and philosophies through his writing and podcast. He finds inspiration in people who share his passion for life, so while on the road he seeks out connections with fellow travelers, contemporary misfits, and kindred creative spirits. He travels to tell their stories, and to create his own.


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