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Show Details HostReach Out America will bring you real stories of individuals, churches, and ministries helping people in their communities, and the heartwarming accounts of those lives that have been changed by compassionate people who stepped in to help. Ordinary Americans who are in the trenches, doing extraordinary work in their neighborhoods join the conversation. They are every day men and women who are responding to God’s trumpet call to the nation. They are visionaries enacting change. One heart a time, these heroes are changing America.


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Reach Out America – Love Heals

Baby Izaiah was a beautiful, healthy, 18 month old until a teen drunk driver slammed into his stroller while he was being walked by his grandfather on the sidewalk. Izaiah was rushed to one hospital, then airlifted to another. His injuries were so severe, the doctors didn’t give his parents much hope for Izaiah’s survival. […]

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Reach Out America with Deborah Nazemi

Deborah Nazemi lives in Texas with her husband, Terry, and their teenage son, Zechariah. She is the mother of four sons and has two grandchildren. Raised as a Catholic, Deborah gave her life to the Lord in 1975 after discovering that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save her from her sins. She received the Holy Spirit the same evening as she learned for the first time that the holy, living God wanted to have a personal relationship with her, and that He created His people for relationship with Him.

This encounter with Jesus changed her life. She was transformed, and fell deeply in love with the Lord after being in the pit of sin. Twelve years later, she experienced personal tragedy that brought her to the brink of giving up on life. Instead, she was again transformed, but in a deeper, more profound way. She discovered that God is there in the deepest, darkest storm, to strengthen and to comfort. The Lord’s comfort deepened her relationship with Him, and she was drawn into an intimacy with Jesus Christ that she didn’t know was possible. Having been through the depths of despair, Deborah now has a deep compassion for people who are hurting, and for those who don’t know God’s healing and empowering love. It was during this healing time in her life that she began to receive prophetic messages for America.

Committed to reaching out to anyone who needs to experience the love and acceptance of God, Deborah has ministered in prison and street ministry, led a ministry to singles, pastored a church, directed a prophetic drama ministry, and is presently focusing on a message of transformation and reformation. Her passion is to give a drink of water to those who are desperately thirsty, to carry hope to those who have none, to bring healing to the brokenhearted, and to show people the way out of darkness.

Deborah has written, produced, and performed in numerous dramas, including full-length evangelistic plays such as Encounters with a King, The Golden Scepter, and Glory to God, and shorter skits such as Without Spot, Kingdom Airlines, and Through the Eyes of Love. In 2000, Deborah wrote the song, American Anthem, a call to the nation, and later in 2000, she released a contemporary CD titled Love’s Passion, an upbeat collection of love songs to the Lord. She continues to receive praise reports from people throughout the world whose lives have been deeply touched by Love’s Passion.

Founder and director of The Deborah Company and the apostolic ministry, Transformation Ministries International, Deborah longs to see this generation’s believers fulfill their destiny as leaders and workers in God’s holy army–people who will carry the light of Jesus Christ around the world. Transformation Ministries International offers apostolic insight and accountability to ministries and leaders.

With The Deborah Company, Deborah presents her message through worship, prophetic-preaching and spontaneous-worship ministry, leading people into a throne-room worship experience and drawing them into a deeper level of intimacy with the Lord. Holy Spirit visitation, the presence of angels, and healing are frequent occurrences in her services

More recently, Deborah has added book writing as a means of reaching people. In response to a mandate from the Lord, Deborah published her first book, America! Can You Hear God Calling? In 2011, she updated and revised the book, and changed the title to Red Alert America, Sound the Alarm! Endorsed by the popular television host of It’s Supernatural, Sid Roth, the book carries a powerful message of repentance, restoration, and transformation to backsliders, and a rally call to organize and mobilize the body of Christ into unity and action. This same message is also presented through Deborah’s Reach Out America events and conferences, and her show, Reach Out America.


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  • Reach Out America – Love Heals

    Baby Izaiah was a beautiful, healthy, 18 month old until a teen drunk driver slammed into his stroller while he was being walked by his grandfather on the sidewalk. Izaiah was rushed to one hospital, then airlifted to another. His injuries were so severe, the doctors didn’t give his parents much hope for Izaiah’s survival. One day, an unexpected visitor brought encouragement, love, help, support, and prayers into this young couple’s lives. Listen to this heart-wrenching, and heart-warming story of this family’s struggle from hopelessness to fresh hope and victory. To see pictures of Izaiah and find out how you can help him and the organization that has made such a difference, go to the Passion4Kids website.

  • Reach Out America – Finding God in the Midst of Disaster

    Carl and Maggie Conti were taking a mid-day nap, oblivious to any danger until a knock on the door awakened them. A fire was bearing down on their home, and the area was being evacuated. Not believing they would lose their home, the Conti family left with only a handful of items. Two weeks later, when they were allowed to return, reality hit. They had lost everything they owned and were left with nothing. While they were there, a group of women offered to pray with them and told them about the Austin Disaster Relief Network, (ADRN) a Christ – centered organization that was spearheading a relief effort for everyone who had lost their homes in the fire.
    Visit Deborah’s website for pictures and videos of the fire, the Conti family, and ADRN’s network of volunteers; and find out a special way you can help.

  • Reach Out America – Free at Last!

    Pam was so addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol that she lost everything she had, including her home and her children. Later she almost died, but it wasn’t until she spent 5 months in jail that she finally looked up and cried out in surrender. She was led to House of Glory, a Christ-centered home for women, where she encountered love, community, and the transforming power of Christ that set her free. Join us and hear this story of hope, restoration and a bright future.

  • Reach Out America – Beauty for Ashes

    Suppose you lost everything in a devastating fire that took your home and all your belongings while you were over a thousand miles away? What feelings would flood your being at receiving the devastating news? Perhaps you are among those who have had such a loss, and don’t know where to turn?

    Charlotte Glenn is a very brave woman who lost everything in the fire that took over 1,500 homes in Bastrop, Texas while her beloved husband was in the hospital fighting for his life. People from her church, Promiseland West in Austin, Texas, rallied to help her, joined by many other caring people in her neighborhood and surrounding areas. This support made all the difference in how she was able to get through her tragedy and kept her from feeling hopeless and alone.

    Although she is still grieving, Charlotte says she is so thankful for the way God used His people to reach out to her family in such a desperate time of need, and does not know how she would have gotten through it without the love and compassion the many people showed her as they came alongside of her, helping her with the many overwhelming needs she had as a result of the fire. This episode will inspire you at so many levels as you listen to this heart-wrenching story of tragedy and triumph.

  • Reach Out America – A Strong Foundation

    Everywhere we go we see people who are homeless and without direction. There are many reasons for homelessness from job loss to drugs, but all too often entire families find themselves in homeless shelters. This story is about a family in a desperate situation who met up with the founder of a very unique homeless shelter called Strong Foundation, and with their help and encouragement, embarked on a completely different path that led them into a brand new, fulfilling life.

  • Reach Out America – Rescued from the Streets

    Born into a dysfunctional home, Paul Ivanyo craved the attention and love he could not get from his father. In his teens, he continually acted out, desperate for his father’s attention, but this only made matters worse with his dad. He then became increasingly depressed as his life spiraled downward until finally; he gave up and ran away from home. Staying wherever he could find shelter, Paul often wandered the streets downtown at night, hoping to meet someone he could relate to until one night, his hopes were realized and his life changed, because of a not so “chance” encounter. Listen to this episode and meet Larry Ball, founder of Hungry for God Home, and Paul, as they share this heart-touching story.

  • Reach Out America – A Woman Unshackled

    Veronica Arcos was a woman who was imprisoned. She was imprisoned by the childhood abuse she suffered, by her fears and addictions, and finally, she was imprisoned by the state of Arizona. Journey with me into the life of Veronica as I tell the story of her seemingly hopeless life that went from bad to worse until her life took an unexpected turn in a new direction. She amazingly beat the odds and her addictions, and was given a LifePlan with the help of an incredible organization called The Open Table, whose mission is “To restore impoverished families and neighborhoods to stability and wholeness, one at a time.” Veronica’s story will encourage and inspire the hopeless to believe there is hope, and the rest of us to realize our own potential to be the healing hands that so many desperately need.

  • Reach Out America – From Sex Change to Mom – a life transformed

    Janiece Hartmann wanted to have a sex change operation, but on the day her appointment to begin the process was scheduled, tragedy struck. Working as a printer’s apprentice, her arm was caught in the rollers, removing flesh and muscle, putting her in the hospital with many surgeries and scarring her for life. In the years that followed, Janiece spent time in and out of mental hospitals, attempted suicide many times, and eventually was diagnosed with a hopeless brain condition and sent home to die. Listen to her amazing story of healing, redemption and transformation as I interview Janiece, her husband Joseph, author of the book about her life, Sentenced to Death, Destined for Life, and those who reached out to Janiece during her journey towards wholeness.