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Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

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Host: Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

Did you know that the human brain thrives on learning? In fact, brains crave a challenge. Just like the other “muscles” in your body, the more your brain “works-out,” the better you feel and the more agile you become in your thinking. Did you know that college-age students’ brains are at their peak? Dr. Bob and his wife, Jude, pool their vast experience in education to unwrap the mysteries of learning and why it is so important from kindergarten through retirement. Learning connects you to new communities, ideas and people. Without learning – let’s face it – life is a drag. Join us each week for insight and tips to stay fresh, connected, and in-the-know!

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Ready For College? – Is College Worth it?

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Ready For College? with Dr. Bob Neuman and Jude Neuman

What do you learn after talking with 12,000 college students?

Dr. Bob Neuman spent 25 years at Marquette University as the Dean of Academic Development in the College of Arts & Sciences. His goal in life? To see that when students get to college, they succeed.

Students, professors, parents, and other deans brought Dr. Bob every academic problem imaginable. And many that were unimaginable. Dr. Bob really understands students and what the world of college expects of them. What works for students — and what sabotages them. He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on students and learning.

Over the years, Dr. Bob estimates that he talked to nearly 12,000 students. In college, a great many students wrestle with learning issues that seriously harm them academically — often for the very first time in their lives. How can this be? Their high school grades were great. As Dr. Bob often says, “College is not high school away from home.”

Understanding the dire need for academic guidance for students, Dr. Bob initiated and designed innovative college advising programs that were far ahead of their time. These ideas are only recently being considered and put into practice in colleges across the nation.

Since leaving Marquette, Dr. Bob has written numerous articles and authored three books. A new eidition of his original book, a book for parents and one for young college students.

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Learning empowers people. It gives them the ability to adapt to change. It’s the key to success in this century. Without that key in hand and a willingness to embrace new ideas, progress and success will be just hopes, not dreams realized.

Dr. Bob’s co-host, Jude Neuman, has had many and varied teaching experiences. She’s taught pre-college students and college students — in both state and private universities — as well as teaching businesses how to communicate better. Her experiences color her thinking and insights into learning.

Together, the Neumans illuminate issues surrounding learning: from teens and parents to the workplace and seniors.


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