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So many people stay in the wrong relationships, and even more don’t know how to get into healthy ones. The dynamics of interpersonal and romantic relationships have changed. What are the secrets to starting and maintaining a great relationship? How does technology play a part in our love lives? Relationship expert Charles J. Orlando welcomes today’s foremost love experts, discusses the latest trends in love, and offers practical, real-world advice for an ever-changing world. If you’re ready to move on from past romance challenges and into happy, healthy relationships, join the Relationship Revolution on WebTalkRadio and get ready to move on to a love life without drama.

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Relationship Revolution – Step Parenting: Why Others Fail and How You Can Succeed

Any step parent would agree step parenting is not easy. The phrase “blended family” rarely represents the reality of two separate families with different values, traditions and routines combining into one. If you’re like most step families, your new family “blends” about as easily as oil and water. As a woman who had step parents […]

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Relationship Revolution with Charles J. Orlando

Charles J. Orlando is a relationship expert and Social Inspirationalist best known as the author of the acclaimed relationship book series The Problem with Women… is Men, and is the sole voice behind the smash-hit advice and relationship page The Problem with Women… is Men on Facebook.

Since the launch of The Problem with Women… is Men: Vol. 1 in 2008, his advice page on Facebook has grown from a small following of 600 Fans (March 2010) to over 575,000+ “Likes” two years later, with the increase in awareness driven purely on word of mouth, and with over 60% of fans returning every month. Charles has been working directly with thousands of men and women and indirectly with hundreds of thousands via his Facebook page and Facebook advice column “Ask Charles”, offering real-world relationship advice and guidance. His approach is one of reality and balance, steering clear of techniques that sound good in a clinical book/setting, but are nearly impossible to apply when you throw in the organic reality of life (kids, bills, jobs, shifting dynamics, outside influences, interpersonal relationships external to the central relationship, etc.).

Charles is an active member of Mensa (“the High IQ Society”), is a contributing writer to a variety of online and print publications, and is regularly tapped by the media for his relationship and marriage expertise, including Self, Men’s Health, Shape, and The Reporter.