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Host: Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW

Most people long for family, this might mean a full house of kids or just one incredibly dynamic bond that creates a sense of home and belonging with a spouse. On Relationship Work-Out, we’ll bring together experts to help guide your process to find the right “relationship” place and with whom you should share it. You’ll hear the facts to separate truth from fiction on topics like adoption, relationship counseling, fixing a broken sex life, basic loving communication and even fertility. Whether you are straight or gay it’s your safe place to hear candid discussion from people in your shoes, and the experts with the answers, join us!

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Relationship Work-Out with Elliott Kronenfeld, LICSW

Elliott Kronenfeld is known in many countries for his work with couples, fertility and sexuality. As a licensed psychotherapist, he has a Boston-based private practice specializing in working with couples and singles developing mature and healthy relationships and managing the transition into parenthood.

Elliott has a Master in Communication Management and a Master of Clinical Social Work. After spending time working in adoption/ intensive foster care and inpatient pediatrics, he worked internationally focused on gestational surrogacy and egg donation for gay men and women and heterosexual couples/singles facing barriers to having children. In addition to his private practice, Elliott is also an adjunct instructor in the Wheelock College graduate program for Social Work.

Elliott says: Finding just the right therapist can be a stressful process, but when you find one, it can be an exciting time for growth and change. I believe that therapy is a personal gift to yourself as you raise awareness and grow in meaningful ways. Whether you are seeking therapy because you are at a crossroads about your future, having relationship concerns, struggling with moods, or just trying to understand your past or present life, the therapy experience must bring you a sense of safety and comfort. I am deeply committed to offering a non-judging, accepting and safe experience.
Elliott has published several short stories and is a contributor to several publications on fertility/egg donation. He has been interviewed by press and media in several countries and has spoken at many national and international conferences.

Elliott and his partner have two children – one through international adoption and one through gestational surrogacy. Raising children as an openly gay man, certainly helps Elliott understand the rigors of maintaining a healthy relationship while guiding children through a complex world!