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Andy Henriquez

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Are you truly showing up for your life? Are you doing everything that you can to position yourself to win in today’s environment? The reality is most people are not showing up for their lives. Most people have no idea where to begin. They are held back due to fear, limited vision, insufficient skills and a lack of hope. Separate yourself from most people, by tuning in with Andy Henriquez and his guests for powerful principles and strategies teaching you how to fully show up for your life. Isn’t it time you take action? As Andy would say, “Show up for your life, because if you don’t, no one else will.”

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Show Up For Your Life! – Think Outside the Box

You have probably heard the expression, “think outside the box”, and now more than ever if you are trying to do something special or create a significant shift in your life, you really do need to think outside the box. While pursuing her Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University, this week’s guest Katie Hughes, began […]

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Show Up For Your Life! with Andy Henriquez

Born to Haitian immigrants, who came to this country in the pursuit of the American Dream, Andy learned firsthand what sacrifice, hard work, discipline, and commitment were.

Andy proudly attended Florida State University where he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, graduating summa cum laude, and his Master’s Degree in Corporate Accounting. Andy became a licensed CPA and gained significant career experience in Corporate America working for the largest professional service firm in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

After working for several years in Corporate America, Andy’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to real estate investing under the mentorship of a real estate millionaire in pursuit of financial independence and control of his destiny. Through his passion and commitment, Andy established himself as a successful real estate investor and coach.

Today, Andy utilizes his same personal philosophy of success to transform audiences and assist them to reach higher levels of achievement. A gifted communicator, Andy has shared the stage with world renowned motivational speakers, best-selling authors, and coaches such as Les Brown, Omar Periu, Susan RoAne, John Di Lemme, and Lisa Nichols.

Andy is a certified Les Brown Platinum Speaker and coach who has the ability to relate to and inspire audiences from all walks of life. Andy speaks to and coaches individuals, schools, companies and non-profit organizations, providing practical principles and strategies for reaching higher levels of achievement. Andy’s passion, commitment and delivery will captivate and challenge you to leave behind a life of mediocrity and start fully showing up for your life.