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Spiritual Renaissance

Show Details HostPrasann demystifies and explains new Scientific and Spiritual topics in a simple, easy to understand way that is unique and surprisingly fun. You’ll discover how the practical principles related to these complex subjects are actually easy to apply in daily life, making the overall goal of life- transformation easy to accomplish. With Prasann’s step-by-step approach, you’ll find how a supposedly “heavy” topic becomes “light” without losing any of its essence. Join the newest, most exciting and dynamic expert in the field of bridging Science and Spirituality and in the “new” genre of Self-Empowerment. A Spiritual Renaissance is truly on its way!


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Spiritual Renaissance – “Have, do, or be anything”……with the help of Ghosts, Goblins & Ghouls?????

Can you really tap the power of the “unseen world” of the Supernatural, Paranormal or the Metaphysical? And use that power to create the life of your dreams? This Halloween Special show clearly explains how and why ghosts (or Earth-bound spirits) are real, and NDEs (and other such “spooky” or “mysterious” phenomena) prove the existence […]

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Spiritual Renaissance with Prasann Thakrar

Prasann V. Thakrar is the newest, most exciting and dynamic author, expert, and inspirational speaker in the new field of blending modern science and non-denominational spirituality. By bridging the gap between science and spirit, Prasann helps his listeners and readers create and lead the life of their dreams – in every area of life!

In other words, Prasann helps bring about Self-empowerment and Life-transformation by providing easy-to-understand, usable and practical information. This information can easily be applied by anyone in a step-by-step, scientific and methodical way to create and lead the life of his or her dreams!


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