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The Dog Connection

Annie Brody

Show Details HostThere is an amazing bond between dogs and their humans. Once considered just household pets, dogs are now treasured companions and members of the family. To strengthen this powerful inter-species relationship, each week Founder of Camp Unleashed, Annie Brody engages in thought-provoking and informative conversations with dog researchers, behaviorists, psychologists, veterinarians and other dog specialists about what we are discovering about how dogs actually think and experience the world. .So pull up a chair, give your dog a bone and listen to the latest thinking about understanding canines and deepening our relationship with them right here on The Dog Connection.

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The Dog Connection – The science behind dogs and the dog-human relationship

Scientific inquiry into dogs has grown exponentially since the 1950s. This research is vast and incorporates animal behavior (ethology), psychology, zoology, archaeology and genetics, among other fields. In this show, we’ll meet Julie Hecht, a canine behavioral researcher and science writer who manages the Alexandra Horowitz’s Dog Cognition Laboratory at Barnard College in New York […]

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The Dog Connection with Annie Brody

I’m a Dog Person. I love dogs. Not just the two who live with me currently but really, All Dogs.While I knew this in my heart as a toddler who rattled my stroller at every passing pup, I didn’t realize the extent of what dogs meant to my life until I adopted my first dog, when I was a “mature” adult. I named him Hero and fell in love with him in a way I had never imagined.Everything Hero did fascinate me. I wanted to understand what was going on beneath those deep soulful brown eyes—I wanted to know how he experienced the world from his point of view as a canine.Thus, twenty years ago, I embarked on my journey of dog discovery. I wasn’t interested particularly in “training” Hero as much as “communicating” with him. I wasn’t interested in competing with him in dog sports; I just wanted to find a way to play together.I read every book on dogs, looking for help to unravel the mystery of this interspecies relationship. I took workshops, went to conferences. But mostly it was Hero who taught me. I just had to pay attention, take off my “human” hat, and observe him closely as a kindred spirit. We didn’t have a common language but we had a mutual feeling and that’s what counted.My new radio show, The Dog Connection will explore the marvelous mystery of this incredible, ever-evolving bond between humans and canines. It’s for people like you and me who love dogs and want to understand them fully so both the dogs and us can enjoy the best possible relationship.