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Show Details HostThink of THE DOG ZONE as Oprah for dogs – absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about raising a happy and healthy dog, including nutrition, breed history, and medical information. That’s not to say it’s all serious. We also look at the sometimes strange, sometimes goofy human-dog world. Oh, did we mention dog fashion? Dog sports? Dog bedrooms? You’re in the Dog Zone now!

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The Dog Zone – Canine Car Safety

Learn about the Paws to Click program that promotes good canine car safety. Make sure your pooch is properly secured during long and short car trips.

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The Dog Zone with Cindy Scott

Cindy Scott has been a trainer & behavior consultant for over 15 years. Her life’s work is to educate owners about their pets. A lifelong love and admiration of animals took a serious turn when in 1989 her beloved dog was hit and killed by a car. The loss sent her on a mission to find the most effective training to prevent such tragedy and then to spread the word.

Cindy obtained her B.A. from CSUF and went on to work at Cat Fancy, Dogs USA and Cats USA publications. But she missed working with animals directly. After apprenticing with a behaviorist she began her new career and never looked back.

After the birth of her second son in 1997, she started Dogs Etc. Her human children have given her the unique perspective of integrating the species to form a happy family. Cindy helps pets and owners bridge the communication gap. Using positive techniques that are as fun as they are effective, training is a joy, not a chore. The result is a happy, healthier pet that is truly a member of the family.

At Dogs Etc. only positive techniques based on scientific learning theory are used. Our mission is to help give each dog the best quality of life possible: each dog is a cherished and valued family member.

We don’t “whisper” to dogs — we teach them in the most efficient and
effective way possible. No supernatural powers are needed, just a basic understanding of how your dog thinks and learns.


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  • The Dog Zone – Canine Car Safety Learn about the Paws to Click program that promotes good canine car safety. Make sure your pooch is properly secured during long and short car trips.
  • The Dog Zone – Cool 4 Cats Does your doggie have a special feline friend that needs some fabulous tips? Forget litter box mess and odor – learn from Rebecca of CitiKitty how to teach him to use the toilet. Pet Peeve this week is the #1 tip for taking care of Fido’s favorite feline friend.
  • The Dog Zone – Top 10 Training Tips My list of the top 10 all time most important things to remember when training and living with dogs. This week’s Pet Peeve – the perfection myth. Make sure you are not falling into it’s trap
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  • The Dog Zone – Ask The Trainer Cindy answers listener emails on common canine questions. The Tip Of The Week is a common mistake many dog owners make, learn how to not be one of them.
  • The Dog Zone – The 3 Most Asked Questions These are the top 3 most frequently asked questions I get as a Canine Behavior Consultant. Are they things you’ve been wondering too? Also, how to play with your dog and train them at the same time. If dog training isn’t fun – you’re doing it wrong.
  • The Dog Zone – On The Move With Your Dog Taking these few steps will help make sure you and your furry friend arrive safe and sound at your new home. Also, de-stressing your dog and the 1 big training mistake everyone makes.
  • The Dog Zone – Never Lose Your Dog Again Megan Lavery from Spot Light GPS talks about a revolutionary new product with an app for your iPhone that tracks your dog. Also, how to keep your dog’s attention and the best time to start training.
  • The Dog Zone – The Really Big Little Dog Show Dogs under 15 pounds have special behavior concerns. Make sure you are not making big mistakes with your little dog. Jude Hudson from Potty Park gives tips for selecting the right inside potty station for your pee wee pooch.
  • The Dog Zone – Why Does Breed Matter? Knowing your dog’s breed can make training easier and can even save their life. Plus, What The Heck Is Bosley? amazing contest results revealed. You will be surprised.
  • The Dog Zone – Who Will Be The Next Pit Idol? Think you know pit bulls? Think again. Learn what’s the truth and what’s hype. A creative new contest at a Southern California animal shelter is putting a cute and cuddly face to a misunderstood dog.
  • The Dog Zone – Canines Play Cupid Spread the love this Valentines Day. Sheryl Matthys talks about her unique web site, Leashes & Lovers. Learn the key to teaching your dog anything.
  • The Dog Zone – What’s New in 2010? The latest trends in food and even vaccines for your four-legged friend. Sherri Grant from O.C. Dog Magazines share her predictions on what the new year will bring. Also, tips on emergency proofing your dog.
  • The Dog Zone – Got Puppy? First time puppy owner Christine Carr shares common puppy behavior questions. Also, learn the “no no toys” you should never leave your dog alone with.
  • The Dog Zone – Turn Your Pooch's Portrait into Art Lisa Scarsi of Lisa Scarsi Photography reveals what to look for when hiring a pet photography as well as how to make your pooch’s portrait gallery worthy. Also, step #6 in the series Successfully Housetraining Your Dog.
  • The Dog Zone – Camp For Your Dog Boarding and daycare tips from Camp Bow Wow’s Kris Hanna. Learn what to look for when you need to find a vacation spot for your pooch. Step #5 of our 6 part series on Successfully House Training Your Dog.
  • The Dog Zone – Make Your Pooch A Green Dog Leslie May of gives some easy, environmentally friendly ways to remove chemicals and toxins from your dog’s world. Step #4 in our 6 part series to Successfully House Training Your Dog.
  • The Dog Zone – Holiday Makeover For Your Pooch Holiday Makeover For Your Pooch Give your dog a funky and festive look this season with some easy tips from Amber Ban of Amber’s Pet Spa & Boutique. Amber has appeared on Groomer Has It, The Today Show and The Real Housewives of Orange County. Learn how to stop accidents forever with step #3 in ...
  • The Dog Zone – Who Really Is Your Dog? Ever wonder what breeds or breeds make up your best friend? Robin Ray from Canine Heritage talks about the benefits of DNA testing your dog. The 2nd step of our 6 steps to Successfully Housetraining Your Dog. Premier of the new segment – tip of the week.
  • The Dog Zone – Eating In The Raw Get the facts on the raw food diet trend. Marie Moody from Stella and Chewy’s tells you how to maximize your dog’s nutrition while minimizing your exposure to harmful bacteria. The first in the six part series on house training will give you the tools to make sure your home is pee free.
  • The Dog Zone – Agility & Leashability Cindy talks with Pamela Spock from Affordable Agility on how to set up an agility course in you own backyard. Also, learn 4 easy steps to stop your dog from pulling on leash.
  • The Dog Zone – Beat The High Cost of Pet Care Learn the difference between pet insurance and a pet benefits company and which can save you the most money while getting the best care for your best friend. Also learn how to treat and prevent separation anxiety.
  • The Dog Zone – Spa Treatments – Not Just For Pampered Pooches Itchy Skin? Tear Stains? Fears? Learn how simple treatments can clear up these common canine complaints. Also learn how to teach your pooch to be well-behaved in public and ride nicely in the car to get there.
  • The Dog Zone – To Spay or Not Spay – There Is No Question Joe Pulcinella from Rancho Cucamonga Animal Center talks about what you can do to help ease pet overpopulation and how to find your next best friend.
  • The Dog Zone – 2 THINGS NO DOG SHOULD BE WITHOUT Cindy explains the top two dog products that help more dogs than anything else. You’d better listen in if you want a happy and health dog!
  • The Dog Zone – Doggie & Me Bootcamp Workout with your dog plus Halloween tips.
  • The Dog Zone – "Which Of These 7 Common Behavior Mistakes Are You Making With Your Dog?" This week I speak with Amy Stevens about her workout with your dog tape as well as natural cooking for your pets.
  • The Dog Zone – What all dog owner's need to know before there's an emergency This week I speak with pet first aid expert Denise Fleck of Sunnydog Ink. I also give some handling and socialization tips for your pooch.