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The Illegal Truth

Venus Springs

Show Details HostBullies are not only confined to the classroom. They can manifest themselves as corporate executives, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, homeowner associations or even family members. The Illegal Truth will give people the skills, tools and support to fight back against those trying to exercise dominance by illegal means. Host Venus Springs will show you how to be your own advocate in the court system and in life and ultimately when the court system fails you – how to find justice through public exposure and other legal methods. This show does not provide legal advice and the information is for educational purposes only.

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The Illegal Truth – Bad, Bad Lawyer: What to do if your attorney is unethical.

Has your lawyer ever acted like she was the one paying you or made you feel uncomfortable asking questions or expressing your feelings? Has your lawyer ever tried to force you to take a settlement based on how much money he needed to make instead of based on the best he could get for you […]

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The Illegal Truth with Venus Springs

Venus Springs is not politically correct, she is not anti-government, she does not believe in nor will she fight every cause, but she believes that everyone should be given equal dignity and respect as human beings and justice shouldn’t be for sale. She graduated from Duke University School of Law School and is licensed in North Carolina and New York. Prior to becoming a lawyer, the first bully she met was her homeowner’s association. When the courts only provided partial relief, she learned then how important her community was in stopping bullies.

After law school, Springs became known throughout the legal tabloid community for having the audacity to sue a large international law firm for discrimination. During and after that trial, she learned that juries were nothing like judges and having a jury from your community was priceless. When her discrimination suit became public she was fired from her then employer, Ally Financial otherwise known as GMAC, the former financing arm of GM. Ally Financial, along with its bankrupt mortgage subsidiary, GMAC Mortgage, is owned by the US Treasury department thanks to a multibillion dollar bailout during the financial crisis. GMAC serviced Venus Springs’ mortgage and in retaliation for her filing a discrimination complaint, GMAC immediately began foreclosing on her home, canceled her and her children’s health insurance and that was just the beginning.

After having a bad experience with a lawyer, Springs represented herself pro se in the fight against GMAC’s illegal termination. Venus Springs then became a target for investigation into her personal affairs and family activities as far back as the 1990’s. The mistreatment and prejudice she received in the court system as a pro se advocate with little litigation experience has led her to this podcast. She presents the Illegal Truth despite the punishment that may await her for refusing to let fear be her guide. She wants people to learn from her experience, including her mistakes, fighting bullies and giants or as she likes to call them “Goliath”.

It is her goal to help people who either do not have endless funds to hire a lawyer or were burned by their lawyers and to teach them how to handle the procedural rules of various judicial processes, family court, immigration, civil court, etc and to give people ideas how to get justice by more creative legal means when the system fails. Pro Se is a Latin term used in legal representation that means on one’s own behalf or for one’s own rights. Everyone can be their own best advocate. Venus Springs’ company is called The Pro Se Advocate and her goal is empowerment through education, exposure and endurance.