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Hosts: Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

All of life is a Learning Curve. The ability to learn is vital to the success of all of us—particularly our children. But there’s a dirty little secret: modern educational practices impede our natural ability to learn. The Learning Curve is vital listening for parents who want their kids to succeed in either conventional or home schooling, for educators who want to improve performance, and for all who want to succeed in life. Hear how to learn and how to teach successfully, how to recover failed students, and how continued learning relates to success in life.

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The Learning Curve – The Philadelphia School System Renaissance

In January 2012 till August 2012 Philadelphia engaged in a widespread reform of its educational system. Dr. Leroy D. Nunery II was a major driver for that project. Leroy is a former Acting Superintendent and CEO and Deputy Superintendant/Deputy CEO of the Philadelphia School District, so he had inside real-life experience of what had to […]

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The Learning Curve with Roger Boswarva and Virginia Koenig

Roger E. Boswarva, Chairman and Founding Partner of Ability Consultants, Inc. and Management Science Associates, is a management scientist of forty years experience in corporate, executive, and champion athlete performance improvement.

As a Fellow of the British Institute of Management he conducted management training and led seminars and symposia on executive and corporate performance improvement for the BIM, and the Management Center Europe, Brussels.

Now retired from academia and international consulting to major corporations, he has spent the last 10 years codifying the results of fifty years of research into aspects of human performance including the ability to learn. He is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Virginia Koenig,  is trained in the Montessori Method of education. An avid tutor, she has spent the last several years as a volunteer tutor with Literacy Partners, a not-for-profit organization serving adults who failed in the conventional educational system but who have realized a need to improve, become literate, and earn their GED. She has spent twenty-five years in corporate Human Resources, specializing in employee benefits and training. She holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation from the Wharton School of Business and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, and is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement. In 1997, she joined Mr. Boswarva in establishing Ability Consultants, Inc. to specialize in ability and performance improvement for executives and organizational teams, and is currently the company president. She is the Founding President of the New York Environs Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement.


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