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Everything can change when you change your perspective on money. When you view money through a new lens, your financial future will look brighter. When you take your power back from money, your confidence will soar. As you create a strong partnership with money your feelings of frustration, intimidation and fear will melt away. Let my Fairytale Characters and their Financial Personalities help you on this path to money success from the inside out.

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Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation? You know, when you are living a tug-of-war life between taking care of your children (or even grandchildren), and caring for your aging parents. Even if you have just the latter role, it is a tough challenge to care for an aging relative while keeping your own […]

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Mind-Money Connection with Lynn Torre, CFP

Lynn is a nationally recognized speaker and author with over 30 years experience in the world of personal finance. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional (CFP®) and an investment advisor representative. Lynn is the owner of Financial Transitions Ltd, which offers a full range of insurance products and fee-based planning and investments.

Her WISDOM Way to Financial Freedom™ is a comprehensive and effective approach that assures every area of her clients’ finances are addressed. Lynn helps them design innovative financial solutions, make smart decisions and take the actions needed to get the results they desire.

Over the years, Lynn has come to recognize that there is more to financial success than just investments and planning. She believes that “Money success comes from the inside out”. To this point, her money coaching business, Lynn Torre & Associates, was born.

Lynn combines the skills from her logical left brain and her creative right brain. She blends her nuts-and-bolts knowledge with educational materials, coaching techniques and guidance that results in an inner awakening and significant money shift for her clients.

With insight and inspiration from her ten Fairytale Characters, Lynn helps her coaching clients identify their limiting money beliefs and behaviors so they can break through and create a successful relationship with money.

Using the concept of a financial personality, she has created a unique financial education program which includes the Fairytale Facts: Your Financial Personality Assessment© and the ten Characters’ Financial Personality Books™©. When these tools are combined with coaching, the results are an inner awakening and significant money shift for her clients.

The Fairytale Characters included in this financial education series are: Goldilocks™, Cinderella™, Old Woman in the Shoe™, Mr. & Mrs. Keep’in Up with the Jones’™, Dorothy: In Search of the Emerald City™, The Royal Couple™, King in the Counting House™, Penelope Pride™, Alice: Down the Rabbit Hole™, and Reckless Red™.

Already armed with a BS in Consumer Education, the natural next step was to become a Certified Life Coach. She is in the final stages of completing the Professional Life Coach Certification program with the Secret to Life Coaching.

She is the author of Dance of the Leaf, a book of inspirational poetry. Her forthcoming book is titled Motivating Money Secrets – How to Wake-up Your Wisdom and Find Financial Freedom.


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