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Show Details HostPeaceful, neighborly living in an ever-changing, multicultural world. Does it sound good, or does it sound IMPOSSIBLE? Believe it or not, ALL our different religions don’t just say it’s possible, they ALL promise it’s inevitable, whether we all belong to the same one, or not. David Liepert, host of “The Optimistic Muslim,” author of “Muslim, Christian AND Jew: Finding a path to peace our faiths can share,” Interfaith Advisor to the Canadian Council of Imams and spokesperson for his hometown Calgary’s 60 thousand mainstream Muslims has never met a religion he couldn’t find some good in, or a person he couldn’t learn something from. Join him as he talks to the movers, shakers and leaders from all our world’s faiths and philosophies who are working together (whether they know it or not) to make this a better world. Let’s start making the better world of tomorrow, today.


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The Optimistic Muslim with David Liepert MD

Dr. David Liepert is a prominent North American Muslim leader, currently serving as spokesperson and media director for Calgary Canada’s 60 thousand mainstream Muslims and the Sayeda Khadija Community Centre in Mississauga Ontario. Active in interfaith and multifaith relations for many years, he is a member of the Canadian Steering Committee for the Tony Blair FaithsAct Foundation, and an advisor to the Canadian Council of Imams, representing the scholarly leadership of Muslims across Canada.

Dr. Liepert holds degrees and fellowships from the University of Saskatchewan, the University of British Columbia and Stanford University. A convert to Islam since 1994, he is an Anaesthesiologist and specialist in Critical Care Medicine. He currently lives with his wife and children in Calgary, Canada.


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  • The Optimistic Muslim – 020612


  • The Optimistic Muslim – America’s Muslims ARE America’s Freedoms “Front Line of Defense”

    Just where do America’s Muslims stand in the battle to defend America’s freedoms? It’s certainly not where people like Newt Gingrich think they stand. And just how much of a difference is there, between true Islamic Shariah -the best traveled path to peace and freedom first walked by Muhammad- and the American Bill of Rights?
    American Muslim Corey Saylor, spokesperson for American Civil Rights Organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations is proud of the path he walks, defending America, Islam, Americans and American Muslims together, and he sees no honest conflict between them. Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks with CAIR’s official spokesperson and media expert and Director of Government Affairs about the real relationships between America’s Muslims, America and America’s Government and Constitution, and why that’s not always what you’ll read in the papers.
    Because if you look closely you’ll see that America’s Rights and Freedoms are under attack, and America’s Muslims are defending them, on the front lines!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Just What Is “The Crescent Directive”?

    Sounds like a Muslim conspiracy, doesn’t it? But if it is, it’s one of the good kind!
    Time and again you’ve probably heard, “If the majority of Muslims are moderate, “Mainstreet” Americans who love their country, then where are the mainstream moderate Muslims, and why don’t we hear more of them?” Well, “Mainstream”, “Mainstreet” American Muslim Khurram Dara finally decided he’d heard it enough.
    Growing up in Buffalo New York, he never thought he’d become the voice of his generation; but his “The Crescent Directive”, about “how PTA meetings, Thanksgiving dinner, and Little League will save Islam’s Image in America” has become the #1 best selling ebook on Islam on Amazon, because it’s all about what simple, “grass-roots” American Muslims can do to make America whole again.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Khurram about why so many Muslim attempts to heal relationships by educating their neighbors about their religion fall flat, and how we can all be more effective.
    As Khurram says, “We have a dog in this fight! We have a vested interest in protecting America!”
    Do you agree? Then tune in to find out why, when, where and how!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – American Muslims Equals American Islam!

    Having trouble cutting through all the back-and-forth rhetoric about Muslims in America?  Do you wish you could just know what was really going on?  Trust a New York Muslim like Imam Feisal Rauf, leader of the Cordoba Initiative, to give us all a reality check: American Muslims equals American Islam!  Muslim Diversity has been a fact of life since Islam began, with all those different perspectives combining to make Muslims better people everywhere, here included.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks with Imam Rauf about what it’s been like to be a Muslim leader–and sometimes a Muslim “lightning rod” as well–in these turbulent times.  Hear what Imam Rauf considers to be our best path forward; how America’s Muslims provide a positive role in America and around the world; and shares segments from the new book he’s working on that explains it all, Moving The Mountain.

    The misconceptions about Muslims and Islamic culture are boundless.  Dr. David Liepert begins by sharing a personal experience in which he was chastised for wearing a necktie (what a fellow Muslim considered to be a “Christian symbol” of Muslim oppression).  Have you had a similar experience?  Has your family or friends?  One of the biggest misconceptions in recent history was the true meaning of the “Ground Zero” Mosque.  Imam Feisal Rauf explains just what he had intended–the true message of his elaborate project–when he brought forth the idea to the public.

    “The wost part is Muslims having myths about their own faith!” says Imam Rauf, addressing that many of the “wrong” ideas about Islam come from the followers themselves.

    Could it be that by pursuing their own authentic Islam, by following Muhammad’s exemplary practice, alongside their American aspirations towards the highest ideals we all hold dear, America’s Muslims have got something good to offer to everyone?  Tune in!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Is Omaha, Nebraska the Interfaith Capital of the World?

    What’s up with Omaha? Around the world, people of different faiths seem to be drawing lines of conflict and digging trenches, getting ready to fight the “Big One”. But in Omaha, Nebraska, the heartland of America, Muslims, Christians and Jews are buying land and building foundations together, in a shared attempt to worship and serve their Creator together. What do they know that most of us don’t? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Omaha, Nebraska’s faith leaders, fast becoming world-leaders in positive co-operative change about what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and how it’s going so far!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Dealing With The Reality Of Jesus

    Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, author of Muslim, Christian AND Jew: Finding a Path to Peace Our Faiths Can Share, as he talks with Christian Evangelical Missionary to Muslims Carl Medearis, author of Muslims, Christians, and Jesus, about how Muslims and Christians can both share the world our God has Made–and share Jesus together–in peace!

    Just who Jesus was exactly remains the great religious dividing line between Muslims, Christians and Jews; with most Christians believing him both God and Messiah, most Muslims believing him to be the Messiah but not God, and most Jews believing he’s neither.  However, most Muslims and Christians can at least agree that he’ll lead us all when he returns as we near the end of time–even though we have absolutely no idea how we’re going to get there! So the question remains: How can Muslims and Christians best navigate the doctrinal minefield of our religious differences, deal with how our different beliefs should affect what we are becoming, and how our different doctrines affect what we do?

    “I wrote [my] book as an Evangelical Christian to Evangelical Christians to say ‘Let’s stop evangelizing,” says Carl Medearis of his book, Muslims, Christians, and Jesus.  His recent article on CNN, “My Take: Why Evangelicals Should Stop Evangelizing,” caused quite a stir, instantly becoming one of the most commented upon articles CNN online has ever had!  Medearis explains the reasoning behind his controversial stance, and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the article that rocked the world toward the end of July.

    What if there was an end to the “my religion can beat up your religion” attitude?  What if hearing the “Good News” no longer caused feelings of anger and resentment?  Can we get past the view of Jesus as a “white Rambo from Texas?”

    Take a moment out of your day to calmly listen to this week’s episode.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what you hear!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – OccupyWallStreet? OccupyJudaism!!

    When Daniel Sieradski, New Media Activist, Jewish Israeli/Palestinian human-rights advocate, artist, writer, and director of Jew It Yourself: An Every Day Guide to Do It Yourself Jewish Living saw his parents lose everything in the “Great Recession” he knew he had to add yet another line to his list of achievements, and so began his growing role in the OccupyWallStreet movement, helping lead the OccupyJudaism arm.  And now, Daniel is Dr. David Liepert’s guest on The Optimistic Muslim.

    99% of Jews are right there with 99% of Muslims, 99% of Americans, 99% of Christians, and 99% of everyone else: Our communities have all lost out while the rich have gotten richer, the poor have gotten poorer, and “every man for himself” has replaced the ideal at the heart of all our dreams–that the freedom to work for yourself, coupled with a personal commitment to working together, brings more success, security, and happiness to everyone.

    With his own parents going through a heartbreaking foreclosure on their long-time home, Daniel Sieradaski longed for a solution and a way to speak out…and along came Occupy Wallstreet.  Daniel became involved and describes his experiences throughout the episode.  But what is the real message of the Occupy movement?  And what has happened to the “American Dream?”

    Dr. David Liepert and Daniel Sieradaski discuss not only the political and cultural relevance of the Occupy Movement, but the religious aspects as well.  They address the religious controversy that has been brought up time and again: How would Jesus really feel about Occupy Wallstreet?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Daniel Sieradski about the lessons Judaism teaches about community living and financial responsibility–lessons that have been handed down from the bankers of Babylon!  If we’re all in this together, then we should all get out of it together too; here, there and everywhere. Tune in and find out how!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Where’s Safe, When You’re Stuck Between Franklin Graham and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

    While Middle-Eastern Arabs are throwing out dictators and demanding democratic freedoms, are some Christians “girding their loins” for Armageddon?  And are there “Armageddonist Muslims” out there who are on the same side?  Jeff Burns of Peace-Catalyst, an organization dedicated to “waging peace in the name of Jesus,” knows a thing or two about both sides of Christianity’s response to Islam.  Burns, moved from hating Muslims in 2005 by God’s amazing response to his prayer for peace, has become a crusader for co-operative faith, serving the Prince of Peace by seeking peace for the sake of us all.

    Listen in as Dr. David Liepert, the Optimistic Muslim, speaks with Jeff Burns about Christian and Muslim end-time prophecy, how it’s affecting politics in the world today, and how wrong both sides who think the world is ending “soon” likely are–particularly if you take the time to ask a Rabbi about interpreting Jewish Prophecies in the Jewish Bible!

    Just how pervasive is this crazy idea that believers can make the world a better place by killing each other?  How high up our Nation’s chain of command does that insanity reach?  (And what can we all do about it?)  “We’re not too far from goosestepping,” says Jeff Burns, addressing the oppression supposed Christian communities force upon Muslims and those following other n0n-Christian religions.  Preventing Muslims from building Mosques–or to worship publicly–is it really so different from Hitler’s treatment of the Jewish?

    Proving once again that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, best cured by bringing in a broader and more inclusive perspective, listen in to hear how different religions might actually be meant by God to work together to the benefit of everyone, instead of for “members only.”

    If God’s so smart, maybe he knew what he was doing when he made us different, after all!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims And Business People Occupy Wall Street Too!

    Is Occupy Wall Street  a growing ground-swell of popular discontent; an all-new approach to Wall-Street-watchdoggery; a new, broad, and inclusive force in American politics; or all of the above?  And just who IS Occupy Wall Street?  Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Muslim small business owner and Occupy Boston spokesperson Nadeem Mazen about the perspectives represented by Occupy Wall Street, the problems it is trying to resolve, the solutions it is considering, and the implications of an apparently Nationally co-ordinated crackdown on America’s much loved and lauded freedoms.  For the sake of our future, should we ALL join Occupy Wall Street?

    “This would not have happened if we had had a proper community-based lending operation,” says Nadeem Mazen of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  But how does that feeling of “community” translate to finances?  And how does it effect the Muslim community as a whole?  More importantly, does working together automatically mean having a Socialist agenda?  (“Socialism is such a dirty word down in the states,” notes Dr. Liepert).

    Dr. David Liepert asks the most important question in regard to the Occupy movement: “Are you starting to get traction with the people who are actually in control of the financial systems?”  Are they even occupying the right place?  (i.e. Wall Street occupation VS. Washington D.C. occupation).  Nadeem Mazen’s response might surprise you!

    In an episode filled with Muslim anecdotes, financial wisdom, and kind-spirited humor, this is a “can’t miss” podcast!

    Does “getting ahead” mean others have to be left behind?  Will the Occupy Wall Street movement eventually go away if they keep getting ignored?  Should Occupy Wall Street be “Occupy Obama?”  Nadeem Mazen and host Dr. David Liepert answer these questions, plus address low interest lending, hedge funds, casinos, fair trade, justice, and much more!  Tune in!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Jihad For Jesus!

    Rick Love, this episode’s guest on The Optimistic Muslim, might have started out wanting to turn Muslims into Christians, but when he learned more about Muslims and Islam he ended up becoming a better follower for Jesus himself.  The author of Peacemaking, Rick Love is one Christian who thinks relations between Muslims and Christians, despite all the nasty rhetoric on both sides, has been improving since September 11, 2001, and he’s not afraid to talk about why.

    Host Dr. David Liepert doesn’t waste time getting to the important questions, starting off the interview by asking, “How can we help all of our people–whether they call themselves Christians or Muslims or Jews or non-alligned secularists–how can we help people share Jesus and the benefits of following him while they are sharing him in the kind of way that they have different relationships with him…?”

    Rick Love and Dr. Liepert discuss if it’s even possible to promote Jesus in the name of peace when so many decidedly un-peaceful events have taken place in his name over the years.  What does it even mean to follow Jesus?  What does it mean for you?  For your neighbor?

    “9-11 was a huge wake-up call for Muslims like me,” says Dr. Liepert, addressing the actions of Muslim radicals–actions that are not typical for followers of Islam.  While these horrific actions caused many to call out for a new Crusade, Rick Love, for one, said “no.”  Jesus was The Prince of Peace, so why is our first reaction when something goes wrong to react with violence or other extreme measures (evangelistic or otherwise)?  How can Muslims, Christians, and everyone else work together for a more peaceful world…?

    Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Christian missionary to Muslims, Rick Love, who has realized that he’s Jesus’ missionary to Christians too, about why and how he thinks Muslims and Christians will share the world together, the role that Jesus will play, and how it’s Faith in God that’s going to make the difference for all of us in the end.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What Are They Teaching Muslims In Buffalo?

    Imam Fayaz Tilly is the man to talk to if you want the straight story regarding the supposed gulf between so-called North American and Muslim values.  And he’s Dr. David Liepert’s guest in this spectacular episode of The Optimistic Muslim!

    Born and raised in Canada and dedicated to the most traditionalist and orthodox Islamic interpretations, Favaz Tilly was taught and trained in Buffalo, New York, living and working as an Imam for one of North America’s largest, most vibrant and diverse Muslim communities, while also serving as a University Chaplain taboot!  There isn’t a pulse Imam Favaz Tilly doesn’t have his finger on, a controversy he hasn’t had to address, or a question he hasn’t had to answer, and he’s got a valuable perspective on them all.

    “Being born in the late Seventies and going to public school in the Eighties, it was pretty much growing up like any other child would experience,” says Imam Favaz Tilly, giving the audience a glimpse into his early years.  Did he always know that he was going to grow up to be an Imam?  As a Muslim, were his formative years really no different than those of his Canadian schoolmates?  How did puberty affect his religious responsibilities?

    Did the infamous September 11 attacks change Imam Favaz Tilly’s views on what his responsibilities as a Muslim were?  Favaz says “no,” but why?  And how has mainstream media changed how the general public views Muslim culture?

    Join Dr. David Liepert as he talks to Imam Fayaz about what it’s been like living in Canada, living through 9/11, and rising to prominence as a Salafi Muslim leader helping his community navigate these difficult times.  Is there really any difference between Muslim and Canadian values, or do both traditions promote pluralism, and demand we find a path forward together? Listen and find out!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Did God Give Us Different Religions For A Reason?

    Eboo Patel, a founding member of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Advisory Council on Faith Based Partnerships, grew up Muslim…but he grew up American too! Eboo struggled to reconcile the traditional “one-faith” model of religious belief with the reality of a myriad of believers following a myriad of religious doctrines, yet all living the same struggle to serve their God and make the world a better place for all.

    In this episode, Eboo Patel shares how he founded the Interfaith Youth Core to help bring that vision to life, and how he has come to write two books including, Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation.  With a third book on its way, Eboo describes his experiences and conclusions regarding the best ways diverse believers can follow their different paths and share the same planet in peace.

    “A huge part of religion is taking care of one’s neighbor…regardless of faith,” says Eboo Patel, going on to describe how interfaith cooperation works best.  Eboo details how President Obama stepped up to help make a meaningful interfaith group, as well as the President’s “interfaith challenge” (and where you can take it yourself!).  “I thought I was going to start turning cartwheels in the Oval Office,” laughs Eboo.

    How does the Inaugural Advisory Council on Faith Based Partnerships walk the fine line between church and state?  How do they avoid using taxes to fund religious-based agendas?  And do these faith based initiatives really make a difference?

    Join the Dr. David Liepert, the Optimistic Muslim, as he talks with Eboo Patel about what it was like to sit in the Oval Office the day President Obama announced his hopes for America, and what it’s been like living in and serving America Faithfully ever since!  Tune in!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – How Should Muhammad’s Followers Make A Better World?

    There’s a reason why Wahida Valiante is one of the world’s 500 Most Influential Muslims. After a 40 year career of social activism, she knows a thing or two about what’s wrong with the world, and how we can all help to make it better. And she’s finally put that all together in one place in her new book A Mosaic Of Thoughts available on Amazon! Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks with Sr. Wahida about the evil depths humankind can sink to–with genocide being the deepest depth of all!–and the hope that faith and authentic Islam can bring when practiced by hands that know and love it best.

    “People are people: We all struggle with the same things, we all want the same things, we all use the same excuses; so just cut to the chase, figure out what the real issue is, and get to it,” says Dr. David Liepert, paraphrasing Wahida Valiante.  So why can’t we all just get along?  Dr. Liepert and Wahida examine various explanations and translations as to why god would divide people into different tribes, different nations, and different sexes.  Is it really to “know” one another?  Or is it a message of tolerance?

    Wahida Valiante also discusses what went into the making of her book, A Mosaic of Thoughts, and how her background as a family therapist came into play.  Learn how Wahida was able to use her experiences working with abusive men to her advantage–and how she was able to transform those same experiences into a religious context.

    But what is really expected of Muhammad’s followers?  And how many of those expectations should we actually strive to live up to?

    God made us to rejoice in and learn from our differences! Knowing that, you can start to make a real difference today.  Tune in to hear how!


  • The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims, Christians and Jews Wiping Out Slavery Together, Because People Are Not For Sale!

    Not for sale.”  Those are the words that should be used when describing fellow humans; however, such is not the case–no, not even in your hometown.  Thus, Not For Sale was born: a world-wide anti-slavery campaign, dedicated to raising awareness to our world’s ongoing problem with slavery and human trafficking.  The Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, welcomes Kevin Austin, head of Not For Sale’s “Faith Community” arm, as they talk about modern-day slavery and religion.  Muslims listeners in particular should pay close attention to hear about how they can join the International Muslim Abolitionist Movement as well, aptly named IMAM!

    Not For Sale is a world-wide anti-slavery campaign, dedicated to raising awareness of our world’s ongoing problem with slavery.
    Did you know that there are over 27 million slaves in the world today still? And with hundreds of thousands of them actively being bought and sold in North America in the sex-trade, there is a lot of important work to be done to stamp out slavery everywhere.  Whether you’re worried about what’s going on on the other side of the planet, or more concerned about your own little neighborhood right here at home, human trafficking is very real and won’t go away without your help.
    Kevin Austin is the head of Not For Sale’s “Faith Community” arm, dedicated to helping all our world’s diverse believers come together in this meritorious endeavor and he’s learned a lot about slavery, people, and religion along the way.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks with Kevin about Not For Sale, including Not For Sale’s upcoming world forum on eradicating human trafficking in Sunnyvale, California, and what we can all do to make a difference either big and small.  Whether you’re Muslim, Christian, or Jew–you can make a difference!  Say “no” to slavery and let everyone know that humans are “not for sale” in your town!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Radical Jewish Hospitality!

    Rabbi Rami Shapiro knows a thing or two about the hospitality that lives at the true heart of Judaism.  As the Director and Founder of the Wisdom House Interfaith Conference Center in Nashville, Tennessee, he sits at the centre of an ongoing multi-faith dialogue, helped along by, among other things, some good southern cooking!  On the 10th Dark Anniversary of September 11, 2001, Rabbi Rami had a problem: figuring out what to do to heal wounds and move America’s important conversation over how best to cope with that tragedy.
    His answer? Breakfast for everyone, Muslim, non-Muslim, Islamophobe and Islamist alike! And from there has come his truly radical vision for a world-changing sort of hospitality to be shared by all, with conversations where people actually listen to each-other for a change, because maybe they’re sometimes too busy chewing to be listening to themselves.

    But what is Radical Hospitality?  Rabbi Rami Shapiro begins by explaining the holiday of Sukhot (the harvest festival) and how the traditions therein lead naturally into the idea of hospitality.  “Radical Hospitality… you invite the ‘other’–the person that you don’t know, the person that sort of carries all of your fears and your anxieties (because you’ve projected them onto that person)–and that’s the person that you invite in; and you try to break through!…and discover a friend,” says Rabbi Rami.  But can inter-faith hospitality really work?  Can there truly be “one humanity?”  And, going back to basics, is Radical Hospitality simply more fun?  (And is having fun in any religion really “allowed?”).

    Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he welcomes the Jewish Holy holiday of Sukhot by talking with Rabbi Rami about the role radical hospitality could play throughout our world–here, there, and everywhere!  Maybe even as soon as next year in Jerusalem…?  With your help, anything is possible!  Tune in!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Keeping Your Children Safe From Kidnappers, Predators and Sex-Slavers: Is There An “App” For That?

    The buying and selling of human beings: Human trafficking.  It’s here in Canada and the United States–grossing over $32-billion every year.  And most of that money comes from the trafficking of children.  Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he welcomes Jess Larsen of Child Rescue to share his thoughts on this on-going problem.  With Jess and Child Rescue on board, now CBS, Coca-Cola, DreamWorks, and Viacom’s Chairman Sumner Redstone have joined the fight!  Are you ready to stand up against child trafficking too?  Tune in to learn how!

    Special guest Jess Larsen of Child Rescue knows a thing or two about keeping children safe from predators, kidnappers, and sex-slavers. From his own family experiences (his mother-in-law was a child-sex-slave in Kansas), and his own personal efforts in the ongoing battle being waged against sex-slavery throughout North America today, Jess Larsen brings knowledge, experience, and some surprising perspectives on this dark and pervasive problem we ALL wish didn’t exist.

    Did you know it only takes six (6) hand-written letters to your congressman to get something in motion?  Dr. David Liepert and guest Jess Larsen discuss how to bring attention to this issue in your town.  Do you want your town’s police officers to get proper training on how to recognize and deal with child trafficking?  Do you want the pimps and Johns to take responsibility for their actions–rather than continually arresting the child slaves themselves?  Getting these ideas to become realities is easier than you might think; but not without your help!

    Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he learns what we all need to know about keeping our children safe (and each other’s children safe too!).   Learn about the transforming power of redemption in the lives of child-sex workers rescued from sex-slavery, and about that same power of getting a shot at redemption working on the pimps and child-sex-slavers themselves!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – The Muslims Are Coming!

    How often have you heard far-right commentators warning, “Look out America, because the Muslims are Coming!”  Well, they might be coming, but perhaps not in the way you think. Turns out Muslim Media Mogul Negin Farsad is leading a different sort of Muslim invasion in the American Mid-West, an invasion that answers an important question: When you’re a Muslim Comedian–born, raised, and living in America–seeing how little there is to laugh about in America today thanks in part to a drastic increase in Islamophobia, what do you do? Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Negin about the tour, the reception so far, the hopes and aspirations that are motivating it, and the reasons behind her amazing campaign of comedy and engagement in America and around the world.  And, most importantly, how to get tickets for the show!

    Negin Farsad, recently voted the 14th funniest woman (out of 50!) in America by the Huffington Post, starts off the episode by explaining how The Muslims Are Coming came to be.  Discussing her roots on Comedy Central (“It was like the Chappelle Show, but for brown people!”), her plans for an upcoming feature film, and what it’s like taking on the American mid-west as a Muslim American.

    What has the reception been like?  How does Negin Farsad manage to make such a provocative topic so hilarious?  And has The Muslims Are Coming transcended from simple “comic relief” to becoming a tool for better racial integration and understanding?  Is the hatred toward Muslims finally dying down?

    In this sweet, revealing, chuckle-filled interview, Negin Farsad and Dr. David Liepert cover the gamut from Muslims, Americans, race-relations, to religious strife and Islamophobia.  What do you do when the country you love so dearly suddenly hates you?  Make ‘em laugh!  Get ready to smile–and ask yourself some deep questions–as you listen to The Optimistic Muslim!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – How Do You Change The World Part Two: How Do You Become A World Changer?

    How does someone begin the process of changing the world?  Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he speaks with Lorna Gladstone of the Bwindi Community Program (building schools and changing lives in Uganda), and Sara Hildebrand of Millennium Kids (working hard to help our world achieve the United Nation’s Millennium goals before 2015), about how they started, where they’re going, and how the rest of us can get started changing the world too!

    “Lorna has taken it upon her heart to do something about child poverty and child education on the other side of the planet,” says Dr. David Liepert of his first guest, Lorna Gladstone.  While she originally set out to explore the Impenetrable Forest and observe the majestic mountain gorillas, Lorna ended up discovering something else: Her love for the Bwindi village and its people.  Lorna says, of the Bwindi Community Program, “Now I am actually the U.S. rep for sponsorships for the village!”  But who are these sponsorships for?  David and Lorna discuss the children of Uganda, how Eco-tourism brought awareness to the needs of these children, how the HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected their lives, and what you can do to help!

    In the second half of the episode, Sara Hildebrand shares her past experiences in social justice and how that background eventually led her to create Millennium Kids.  Currently, “over a billion” people in the world are living on less than $1.25 a day, with over half the world living on less than $2.00 a day.  Millennium Kids seeks to eradicate poverty, as well as promote gender equality and education.  Sara runs down the list of  goals–all to be met by the year 2015!  Will we be able to achieve everything on the list?  And how can we, the everyday citizen, help things to progress in the right direction?

    This episode concludes The Optimistic Muslim‘s “How Do You Change the World” interview series.  It will leave you feeling happy, hopeful, and ready to change the world…for the better!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – How Do You Change The World Part One: Light-Bringers and Child-Savers

    Steve Katsaros of had an idea for changing the world with light, and making the world’s children safe from Kerosene too. Then he came up with another idea for improving the prospects of those same children’s communities, households, and families!
    Mahdi Qasqas, Muslim Imam, Youth Counselor and Youth-leader, on the other hand, had a really great idea for how to help all our children make each-other safer, and keep each-other safer too.  Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to both men about their insights into world-changing, child-saving, and how we can all become world-changers and child-savers too!

    “Making the world a better place is something that we’re all concerned with, no matter what our religious background is,” says David Liepert.  His first guest, Steve Katsaros, has taken those feelings to a whole new level: Action.  Steve Katsaros has gone beyond being “concerned” and has actually stepped up to make the world a better place, by bringing non-kerosene fueled lighting throughout the third world.  The core of Katsaros’ company, No Kero, is a “campaign against antiquated lighting.”  Katsaros goes on to share that “one out of ever four people in the world” are subject to unsafe, outdated, kerosene-fueled light sources.  Could this switch in light sources help these people regain control over their lives, particularly in areas where the government controls the light?  And could this marvel of engineering also serve to stave off the effects of global warming?

    In the second half, Dr. David Liepert interviews Mahdi Qasqas, answering the question: What do gangs and groups like Al-Qaeda have in common?  Perhaps more than you’d think!  How are these young people drawn into this lifestyle?  What signs should you look for?  As a parent, how can you properly “investigate” your child for these signs?  Mahdi Qasqas has the answers you’ve been searching for.

    Whether you’re looking for a way to belong, just want a little bit of light, or simply want to know that there are still a few good people out there…  This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What Are They Celebrating in Pakistan and Palestine Fir Eid This Year?

    Eid Mubarak! And welcome to the 3 day long Muslim celebration of Eid-ul-fitr, at the end of Ramadan. Muslims are celebrating around the world, but what are they celebrating in Pakistan and Palestine, two world conflict hotspots? Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Khadeeja Balkhi, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility in Pakistan, and Hala Qubbaj, a teacher at Ramallah’s Creativity Centre in Palestine about what’s happening, and what lessons they’ve learned from Ramadan, in Pakistan and Palestine.

    Returning to The Optimistic Muslim for the second time, Khadeeja Balkhi, has moved up in the world!  She discusses her newly appointed position, and all of the wonderful things she’s been involved with since she was last on the show 8 months ago.  But what has been happening in Pakistan as a whole?  As we near the Founding of Pakistan, looking forward to Eid, only a year after the floods that devastated their lands–How is Pakistan doing?  Is there still something worth celebrating?  Khadeeja Balkhi’s answer will enlighten you, and maybe even surprise you.

    Dr. David Liepert asks the tough questions: What is Pakistan striving for?  Is President Asif Ali Zardari truly in charge?  Where does the power lie?  How do Pakistani people feel, as a whole, toward their current leader?  What is the status of the current government?  How was the death of Osama Bin Laden viewed?

    In the second half of the show, Dr. David Liepert speaks with Hala Qubbaj of Palestine.  How have the complicated politics in Palestine affected Ramadan?  Hala shares her feelings toward the celebrations and gives some key thoughts on Palestine’s feelings (not their President’s) toward Gaza and the West Bank.

    What lessons can be taken away from this past month of Ramadan?  Where do we go from here?  Tune in!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Why Does The World Need Muslim Superheroes?

    With all the challenges our world faces, can Muslim Superheroes make a difference? Really? How? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Naif Al-Mutawa, named one of the Most Influential Muslims in the World by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, and creator of the fictional pantheon of Muslim archetypal superheroes “The 99″ about the psychology of religious radicalism, and how “The 99″ can help make the world a better place for us all.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Social Worker, or Social Engineer?

    Do the downtrodden and dispossessed of the world need help, education, a hand up, a stiffer back, or more understanding? Just how big of a problem is misunderstanding anyway? And is it true? Do people of different cultures and background need different things? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Shahina Siddiqui, Executive Director of The Islamic Social Services Association of the US and Canada, board member of the Canadian Council on American-islamic Relations, and principal author of Women Friendly Mosques: Working Together to Reclaim Our Heritage, about the challenges of social work in the real and changing world we live in today, and the changes we need to make in our faiths and ourselves to make it work better, together.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Culture Wars!

    As our world wakes up to the width and breadth of our cross-cultural differences, and as those cultures mix more and more in the coming years, are our differences going to tear us apart, or make us better? And will religion play a positive or a negative role? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Carmelita Caruna, Maltese Italian Catholic and cultural cooking icon, about the impact of Islam on Italy, and Italy on Islam, and with Christian world development expertDonna Kennedy-Glans and Muslim Youth leader Adam Idris about whether our religions can share the world together, and if they think it’s possible, how best to convince those believers who think they’re wrong!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Promoting Human Rights and Humane Values Around the World

    How are Americans and Canadians doing, promoting human rights and positive values around the world? What’s working, what’s not, and what can we do, to do it better? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Marc Gionet, director of the Atlantic Human Rights Centre at St. Thomas University, as they explore these questions and many more. Can you really promote human rights around the world by taking other peoples rights away?

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Hockey, Hijabs, and Hope for the Future!

    Are Muslim women’s voices what’s been missing from Islam for the last thousand years? And if so, how do we go about getting them back? Join the Optimistic Muslim for an open, honest and up-lifting discussion of these and other questions with Sheema Khan, past-president of the Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations, Columnist for the Globe and Mail, and author of “Of Hockey and Hijab: Reflections of a Canadian Muslim Woman.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What The Heck Is “Interfaith”, and is doing “it” any good for anyone?

    In this multifaith world, so called “Interfaith” conversation, discussion and outreach is the latest thing, but no-one seems very clear about why. Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Richard Landau, TV Producer, author, and “Interfaith” expert about what it is, why it is, what it’s good for, what it’s not, and where it’s going. Turns out that instead of getting along, maybe God wants us to disagree, politely?

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Islamic Reform: The Path Back To Perfection

    With religions under fire for their follower’s abuses, and religion itself coming under question, what’s the answer for Islam? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Islamic bright light Kamran Pasha, Hollywood screenwriter and producer, blogger, and author about who’s really trying to destroy Islam, who’s really trying to destroy America, the good news about how badly that’s going to work out for them in the long run, and the role Muslim women are going to play in making the world a better place for everyone!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Honest Disbelieving: the Roots of Right-Wing Religious Radicalism

    In a world of “true believers” following different faiths, is there any room for honest, heartfelt, homegrown disbelieving? What happens when religious believers simply agree to disagree? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Pastor Emeritus Jake Kroeker, of First Baptist Church in the heart of North America’s Bible Belt, and Pastor Wagdi Iskander of Truth Unlocked about all those questions and more. What’s the real path to God’s Peace? Seeking peace through justice, or seeking justice through war?

  • The Optimistic Muslim – The Jew and the Jordanian

    What common ground can a Jew and a Jordanian, one born and bred in Canada, one with deep roots in Palestine, possibly find on the path forward for Palestine and Israel? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Jon Kay, Comments Editor of the National Post, Canada’s National Newspaper, and Mohammad Ibrahim, editor and webmaster of Canada’s fastest growing Muslim news and views site, as they discuss the Arab Spring, Israel, Palestine, Middle-East politics, and the best path forward for Jews, Muslims and Christians together in the Holy Land, and surprisingly and consistently commend exactly the same things! Peace, Justice, and Liberty for all, from a Canadian, Muslim, Jewish, and Jordanian perspective: Who knew! It turns out they look the same, no matter where you stand.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – How Does Israel Look, From Inside Gaza?

    How do Gazan Palestinians REALLY feel about Israel, Hamas, and the prospect for peace? And what’s REALLY driving Israel’s anti-Gazan agenda? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, Palestinian Physician, Human Right’s Advocate, tragic victim of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead and author of “I Shall Not Hate” about his diagnosis and prescription for Palestinian anger and Israeli fear, the roots of his commitment to peacemaking, and his Daughters for Life foundation and the good it is doing for women’s rights and education around the world.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Just How Islamophobic IS America?

    Do the Mosque burnings, and Mosque bombings, and Muslim beatings define the United State’s new attitude towards Islam in specific and immigrants in general? Just how pervasive is Islamophobia, and does fear fill the heart of America, or does hope still find it’s home in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Nancy Kirk in America’s heartland of Omaha Nebraska, home of the world-changing Muslim, Christian and Jewish Trifaith Initiative about finding open hearts and open minds everywhere, and then with Khaled Sawaf, the director of 10FWD, a documentary that set out examine the truth about America and America’s Muslims, and that has found controversy, confusion, misunderstanding, but also hope and happiness everywhere, including where you’d least expect it.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Finding Peace In the Unlikeliest Places!

    With all the religious strife in America and around the world today, inter-religious peace seems awfully hard to find. But one thing has always been true about looking for something: you always find it in the last place you look! How about finding peace between Muslims, Christians and Jews, living all together in Israel/Palestine! Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Bill Phipps and Joan Poulin, both friends of WASNS, the Oasis of Peace, a village of Christians, Muslims and Jews living together AS Muslims and Christians and Jews but as a single community as well, and reaching out with their hard won lessons to the rest of the world. And then, join us as we talk to Muslim Chaplain Rabia Terri-Harris, who lives and works at the Stony Point Community of Living Traditions right here in America, where the peace is reaching out to include North America’s First Nations too!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – How Big Do You Need To Be To Make A Difference?

    Yes, the world sometimes looks like it’s off to hell in a handbasket, but have the problems out there become too big for all of us, or any of us to lend a hand or should we just leave them to the “big boys”? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to one of the “biggest boys” there out there there is, the US State Department in the person of US Consul-General Laura Lochman as she explains how America walks the fine lines between human rights and the rule of law, justice and freedom, and perhaps the important question of all, whether so called “little” people matter, and whether “little” people can make any difference at all. Spoiler alert! Turns out we do, and that we’re the reason President Obama said “Yes We Can!”

  • The Optimistic Muslim – A Jew, A Christian and A Muslim Went to the Holy Land…

    Sound like the beginning of a joke? How about a whole bunch of Jews, Muslims and Christians went to the Holy Land, because it’s happening September 4-10, for real! Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman about how Calgary’s Jewish and Muslim communities are living together so well, the real role of religious diversity, and the lessons we can all learn from each other here at home in North America, and then to the Rabbi, Imam and Priest planning to bring a Muslim, Christian and Jewish tour to the Holy Land together, who are hoping to show the world how those lessons can work every else in the world too!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Building Bridges in America, One American at a Time

    Where are the voices of regular Americans, whether they’re Muslim or not, in America’s growing debate over the future of Muslims, Freedom of Religion, and America. Surprisingly, it turns out they’re everywhere! Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Daniel Tutt and Khuram Zaman of Unity Productions Foundation, as they talk about Faith, Understanding, and the Power of Personal Dialogue to promote better understanding. Want to understand your neighbors better, and help them understand you? Sponsor one of UPF’s “20 Thousand Dialogues” in your neighborhood today. Want to tell the world what it’s like being a Muslim American, or about a Muslim American you know? Upload a video to “My Fellow American” and join the conversation, today!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Which is Stranger: Fact or Fiction?

    The fact that Islam’s call to good stewardship means we should take better care of our planet should be obvious, except that message so often get’s lost in the side-show. Did you know there’s a verse in the Quran that predicted global warming! Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, author of “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches about Protecting the Planet as he sheds a light on this important and often ignored aspect of Faith, for Muslim and non-Muslim alike. And then, what about the fact St. Paul might actually have been excommunicated?! Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Dr. Lawrence Brown, author of the 8th scroll, a fictional thriller set in the Holy Land of yesterday, today and tomorrow, based on real events, where Muslims, Christians and Jews work together to protect the truth and each-other, for the sake of us all!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Politics, Islam and Political Islam

    Is fear of Islam’s “subversive” influence on North American values actually subverting North American values worse than Islam? And what do Muslims really want living in North America anyways? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Ihsaan Gardee, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations Canada, about politics, Islam and political Islam, what issues unite and what issues divide Muslims here and everywhere, the challenges that face us all, and what we can all do to help make our countries a better place to live for everyone.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Is Yemen’s President Funding Al Qaeda and Nerve-Gassing Yemen?

    With an “Arab Spring” threatening dictators everywhere in the Middle East, Yemen -lacking oil or strategic significance- is getting a free pass from our world’s journalists and human rights monitors alike. Listen to Maria al-Masani, NPR and WashingtonPost’s “Most Reliable Voice On Yemen” lay out what’s REALLY happening there, and where hope REALLY lies. LONG LIVE TAWWAKKUL KARMAN: THE NEXT QUEEN OF SHEBA!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Slavery: Gone Forever, or Alive and Well, Here at Home and Around the World?

    How far from the Dark Ages has the world really come? Turns out there are more slaves in the world today than at any time in world history, and there are currently more slaves in North America than there were in the year 1800, at the height of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. To make matters worse, North America’s Slaves are Child Sex-Slaves! Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Lindsay Hadley of Child Rescue about what WE can do to stamp out child sex slavery in North America, and with Kevin Austin of NOT FOR SALE! about what WE can do to stamp out slavery around the world!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims and Democracy There and Everywhere, what’s going on?

    With Muslims around the world pulling down tyrants and demanding democracy abroad, but Muslims condemned as followers of a tyrannical religion and proclaimed a threat to democracy here in North America (at least by Media pundits and Republican party election candidates) there are obviously two completely incompatible tales being told to America, that can’t both be true. Join The Optimistic Muslims as he talks to world-renown International Affairs and Islam expert Dr. John Esposito about what’s REALLY going on in the American Media and the Republican Party, which story’s truth, and which is fiction, what’s behind those two warring narratives being told to America, and why it’s all happening today.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – America’s “Muslim Problem”: Is Islamic Shariah the Source, or the Solution?

    With States around the US banning Shariah- so called “Islamic Law”- and American leaders throughout the country warning about Shariah’s many dangers, how many people know what Shariah REALLY is? And can you make it a felony, without criminalizing the religion of Islam? And with so many American law makers worrying about Muslims taking over America, is it worth a try? Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Muslim lawyer and Islamic law specialist Ms. Sumbul Ali-Karamali, author of “The Muslim Next Door: The Qu’ran, the Media and That Veil Thing” about how she’s seen America change since she grew up here, what’s right and wrong with America and America’s Muslims, and her surprising solution to the things about Islamic Shariah that frighten us all.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Yemen: Place of Hope, or Newest Middle East Hotspot?

    Yemen, the only pure republican democracy in the Middle East, is also the poorest, most trouble-stricken country on the planet. And like many other Arab States it too is sinking into armed rebellion. Running out of water and oil, and with al-Qaeda lurking in the backcountry, is it running out of time as well? Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talked to two women in the middle of it all: Canadian Development Specialist - Donna Kennedy-Glans, working with the Yemeni diaspora throughout the world to bring peace and prosperity back to their country, and Maria al-Masani, Yemeni ex-pat, ex-Yemeni diplomat and still proud Yemeni-Canadian, about the challenges and hopes facing Yemen, and what’s really happening there on the ground today. Can Yemen’s woman leaders even make al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki sing a different tune?

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Naziism, and Islamophobia- Is there a connection?

    With all the name calling in the Media these days, it’s important to know what the words mean: particularly when one of those words is “Nazi”. What is a “Nazi”, or a “Fascist”, and why did that perspective gain so much power in Germany between the second and first world wars? And does that history bear any warnings that we should be paying attention to today?
    Similarly, what is “Islamophobia”, and what is there about Islam and Muslims for Americans got be afraid of?
    And what if anything should Muslims, Americans, and Muslim-Americans do about it?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Jonathan Maxwell, author of “Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS”, and Ihsaan Gardee, Executive Director of the Council on American Islamic Relations- Canada about all those questions, and more.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What’s REALLY going on in Egypt?

    With newfound Arabian “People Power” overthrowing despots throughout the Middle East, Egypt’s own revolution remains the largest, and the model for revolutions to come.
    What REALLY happened? Who were the players behind the scenes, and where do THEY want to take Egypt in the coming days?
    And what do the changes Egypt is going through mean for the rest of the Middle East, and the rest of the world?
    Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Dr. Abdallah Schleifer, proud Egyptian-American, long-time Professor of Journalism at the American University in Cairo, previous NBC Middle-East bureau chief, and Jewish convert to Islam about all these questions, and more!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Multiculturalism Under Attack!

    In America and Canada, should everyone who isn’t “American” or “Canadian” in America and Canada just pack up their bags and go home?
    And who decides who isn’t American or Canadian enough? And what your Grandmother from the Old Country think?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to American Muslim leader Shahed Amanullah, and Canadian Muslim youth leader Osman Khan about whether there’s anything we can learn from each-other no matter where we’re from, and what we should do at times like this, when there’s a lot of places in the world where “Multiculturalism” doesn’t look like it’s working very well at all.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Does One Religion Really Have To Win?

    In a multi-faith world, the idea that only one religion gets it’s followers into Heaven has to be one of the most divisive ideas there is.
    Is that “triumphalist” approach inevitable among religious believers, or is there a better way?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Christian Pastor Deborah Lindsay about the roots of and answers to religious triumphalism and conflict based faith interactions, and how to find a path to Heaven that works for everyone, no matter where the journey starts.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Muslims For America…and Palestine!

    Are American civil rights under attack in America?
    Are America’s Muslims striving to defend what makes America strong, safe and free for us all?
    And shouldn’t we all defend those same values elsewhere in the world, like in Palestine?
    Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks with Ibrahim Hooper, spokesperson for the Council on American Islamic Relations, about defending the values that America was founded on, and with Palestinian and Jewish American activists Huwaida Arraf and Adam Shapiro about defending freedom and equality around the world

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What’s going on in Egypt?

    What sort of revolution is happening in Egypt, and where’s it going to end up?
    Is Mubarak the Bad Guy, or is it The Muslim Brotherhood? And is the news we’re getting what’s really happening on the ground?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Coptic Christian Priest Wagdi Iskander, and Muslim Expatriate Egyptian Sister Hedia about the history of Egypt, Egypt’s multi-faith communities, Egypt’s people and Egypt itself, and learns where this revolution has come from, what’s happening now, and where it’s going tomorrow.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Feminist Islam 2

    If Islam isn’t supposed to be an “anti-Woman” religion, then why in so many places around the world does it seem like it is?
    And what if anything can people living there and elsewhere do about it?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Muslim Sister Wahida Valiante- acclaimed in Saudi Arabia as “one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims) about her life and experiences as a Muslim world-leader, what’s wrong with misogynist Muslims and the way they interpret Islam, and what she and other women (and men) are doing about it.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Towards building a “Just Society”: Here, in the Holy Land, and around the World!

    What’s so good about America and Canada? Why can so many different sorts of people get along so well here, when they can’t seem to do it quite so well anywhere else?
    Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to world-renown journalist and friend to Israel Jon Kay about what’s currently working in North America and what WILL work in the Holy Land, and then with his daughter about applying those lessons everywhere else too!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What’s up with Pakistan?

    What’s the # 1 problem with Pakistan, and how do they really feel about Americans?
    And what are Pakistanis trying to do to make the world a better place for everyone?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Ms. Khadeeja Balkhi, a Pakistani woman with a world-wide following, dedicated to both business and social reform in Pakistan and around the world.
    Her answers might surprise you.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Religion? Politics?

    What’s the greatest source of anger, misunderstanding and conflict between the Muslim world and the West?
    Is it religion or is it politics, and which of them do YOU want it to be?
    Learn the difference between solvable and unsolvable problems -and who we should trust to fix them- as The Optimistic Muslim talks to Dr. John Esposito, Professor of Islam and International Relations at Georgetown University, advisor to Popes and Presidents, and the world’s greatest non-Muslim expert on the issues separating Islam and America.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Surviving 2011

    With all the challenges we all face, shouldn’t our religions help us overcome them?
    Images of angry, contentious religious leaders of every faith dominated 2010.
    What can ALL our religions do, to become part of a shared solution, rather than remaining separate parts of the problem?
    Join The Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi, Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams about what’s really wrong with us all, and what we can do to fix it.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Feminist Islam?!

    Can a woman be both a Muslim and a Feminist?

    Who inspires Feminism in Islam? What examples do they follow? And Why would they still cover their heads?

    Join The Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks to Dr. Kathy Bullock, Director of the Tesselate Institute about the treatment of women in Islam, head-coverings, real freedom and a path to better understanding for everyone.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Looking Back at America from Saudi Arabia

    What would it take to make a successful physician leave America for Saudi Arabia?
    And what would he find when he got there?
    Answer: a place where Muslims and non-Muslims live and work productively and happily together, a happy home for his wife and daughters, and a multi-religious perspective with room for us all.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks to Muslim convert and retired US Army Major Dr. Laurence Brown about his life, his path and what he’s learned along the way.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Mormon Mythbusters!

    The Optimistic Muslim isn’t just about busting myths on Islam, it’s about understanding everyone else better too.
    Are Mormons REALLY all about converting non-Mormons, marrying multiple wives, and being different?
    Or like everyone else, are they looking to be better people tomorrow than they were today?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks to Dr. Steven Miller of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, as they talk about ways to share the world (with everyone) in peace.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Quran Burning, and the Upside of Islamophobia

    Wonder what Terry Jones, Florida’s own Quran Burning Pastor, and The Optimistic Muslim would talk about, given the chance?
    Turns out it’s how to make the world a better place, for everyone.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks to Dr. Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach International about religious violence, evangelism vs. working together for the common good, and the Ground Zero Mosque.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Are There Child Sex-Slaves Working in Your Neighborhood, Today?

    Did you think slavery in North America was a problem that had gone away?
    In North America, Child Sex-Slaves make their owners over 30 billion dollars a year, and no child is safe.
    What can we do about it? What MUST we do about it?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks with Jess Larsen of about child sex-slavery in North America,
    and what simple things we can do together to help make it stop, and keep ALL our children safe.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Faithful living in a Multi-faith world

    Do Muslims have to convert Christians, or do Christians have to convert Muslims?
    Regardless of their religion-of-choice, so many of the problems between believers come down to one question:
    What does God want you to do, about someone who doesn’t believe the same as you, but who think’s they’re as “right” as you about what they believe, all the same.
    Join The Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks with Reverend Deborah Lindsay of the First Community Church in Colubus Ohio, about how we can live faithfully according to our beliefs in a multifaith world.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – More Muslim Mythbusters!

    Is Islam anti-Woman?
    With men stoning women in Iran and flogging them in Saudi Arabia, it’s hard to believe the Muslim claim that Islam is all for equal rights.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks frankly with Muslim scholar and leader Sheikh Habeeb Ali about the roots and solutions to Muslim Misogyny in North America and around the world.
    Was Muhammad (peace be upon him) the first “Muslim Metrosexual”?

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Is Islam an Evil Religion?

    If Islam isn’t an evil religion, then what’s up with al Qaeda?
    And if al Qaeda and the Islamophobes aren’t right about Islam, then who is?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim David Liepert as he talks with North American Muslim leader Adam Idris about the roots of religious violence, religious misunderstanding, and the path to multi-religious peace.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – What’s up with Immigration?

    Why do immigrants want to come to North America?
    Understanding what’s in it for “them” can help “us” make it better for everyone.
    Join the Optimistic Muslim as he talks with Mahdi Qasqas- Master of Psychology, Settlement Worker and returned Palestinian settler himself, as he shares the benefits and the barriers to immigrant integration that impact all of us.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Holocaust Lessons and Middle East Peace

    Ever wonder what a Holocaust Survivor and a mainstream Muslim leader would have to talk about?
    Join the Optimistic Muslim and Auschwitz Survivor Peter Zuckerman as we talk about the lessons he learned about human nature, good government and human survival, and how Mr. Zuckerman would apply those lessons to the ongoing catastrophe in the Middle East.

  • The Optimistic Muslim – When Religion Is The Problem

    Religion is supposed to help life make sense, but what do you do when religion seems to be the problem?
    Join The Optimistic Muslim and Canadian Council of Imams Chairman Imam Dr. Hamid Slimi as they talk about how to deal with the toughest questions in Islam!

  • The Optimistic Muslim – Why’s Free Speech Important, and What’s It For?

    Why is free speech such an issue for many Muslims, and why do non-Muslims care?
    We’ll talk about what talking’s good for, and what it’s not. Our guest? Daniel Tutt, the man who led a community wide conversation September 12 at the Ground Zero Mosque!