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The Otherworld and Beyond

JR Freemen

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Host: JR Freemen

Caught in a state between the physical existence and eternal life – J.R. Freeman has seen the light. After suffering in a coma for more than a year he emerged as a new man with a mission. His epiphany was clear: there is a God. Join J.R. and his guests to learn more about near death experiences, paranormal activity and the answer to your questions about spirits, ghosts and life beyond this realm.

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The Otherworld and Beyond – Seraphim Blue Print with John Chandler

John has been a TM Meditation instructor for 42 years. And says this modern day healer has taught for the past 4 years as teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint and Planetary Energies. We will be discussing the ritual and awakening of the mind and opening doors to the next level of consciousness. He has been […]

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The Otherworld and Beyond with JR Freemen

: J.R. Freeman, a disabled United States Air Force Veteran who has succumbed through a year of a coma, four brain surgeries, atrophy and two Near Death Experiences. Now faced with a gift of seeing future events, J.R. has the ability to travel back and forth through different realms and times. He is inspired by the wish to share this spiritual knowledge gained from his Near Death Experiences. Mr. Freeman’s previous works are The Otherworld and Beyond: Series I, A New Beginning, The Otherworld and Beyond: Series II, The Inner Self and The Otherworld and Beyond: Series III, Making Contact. He is presently writing his next book, The Otherworld and Beyond: Series IV, I See Visions.