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Host: Dr. Michael Williams

Dr. Michael Williams, a watchman for the American Patriots and those that stand-up for God, Country and the U.S. Constitution. Dr. Williams observes and reports on the wrongs happening to our Great Nation. By doing so “We the People” can take the correcting steps to right the wrongs our Founding Fathers, Grand Fathers and Father fought for to create the Greatest Nation this world even has known…!!!

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The Patriot Report – We will address the Liberal/Communist Attack on the 2nd Amendment…!!!

Host: Dr. Michael Williams Special Guest: Doug Giles from Clashdaily.com Conservative News This week’s show takes a hard look at the Liberal/Communist/Lefts Attack on the 2nd Amendment and Obama agenda to destroy America. Web Links: Make Contribution to supporting “The Patriot Report” we need your help & support today! Thank you. www.thepatriotreport.org The Law of […]

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The Patriot Report with Dr. Michael Williams

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