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Show Details HostRyeBread Radio is a Chicago-based Performing Arts radio show. Hosts Akeem and Jeremy bring wry, humorous commentary to an otherwise mundane existence. Guests include improvisers, musicians and stand-up comedians. Movie reviews, sketches, interviews — there’s something for everyone on RyeBread Radio. So grab yourself a slice! We’re here to foster the arts community in Chicago and provide an alternative outlet for entertainers and entertainment of all genres. And remember, it’s just a show!


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The RyeBread Radio Show – WTR Exclusive: Live at The Bar 10 Doors

Comedians Jesse Baltes and Kevin O’ Brien join us for our LIVE show at The Bar 10 Doors! This is the new LIVE format we decided to test out just before the regular stand-up showcase, hosted by comedian Eric Oren. We talk about the news, topical events, make phone calls, and have some crowd interaction. […]

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The RyeBread Radio Show with Akeem Lawanson and Jeremy Solomon

Akeem Lawanson studied Radio Broadcasting at Columbia College Chicago, graduating in the fall of 2009. In 2008, Akeem assisted with production for Emmis Communication’s Q101.1fm in Chicago. He then went on to work in the news department of the Tribune Company’s 720AM WGN Radio News. He later went on to do freelance audio production work for companies such as the Chicago Architecture Foundation. His production work can be heard in the Chicago Model City exhibit. Expressing interest in the Public Relations field, he then interned at Edelman PR Worldwide. Akeem is the founder and host of the RyeBread Radio Show.


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  • The RyeBread Radio Show – WTR Exclusive: Live at The Bar 10 Doors

    Comedians Jesse Baltes and Kevin O’ Brien join us for our LIVE show at The Bar 10 Doors! This is the new LIVE format we decided to test out just before the regular stand-up showcase, hosted by comedian Eric Oren. We talk about the news, topical events, make phone calls, and have some crowd interaction. If you want more details, I suggest you LISTEN IN! This is a good one, so download it while you’re at it!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Musical guests, The Odd Couple

    This episode is from RyeBread Radio’s Holiday Special Supreme Burrito show recorded in December – rappers KC and Cain of The Odd Couple join us in the RyeBread Radio Lounge! We find out how these two came together to become the oddest couple, and get them to freestyle on a couple of tracks. Only on RyeBread can you hear M.A.S.H and PBR referred to in the same rhythmic breath. It’s our musical treat to you, so come on and enjoy it!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – The Crocodile Players (Improv Troupe)

    Join us Rye Guys as we welcome local improv troupe the Crocodile Players into the RyeBread Radio studio! The Crocodile Players are Logan Dean, Mark Robinson, Rob Speer and Travis Tack. We cover politics, dating and relationships, and Nicolas Cage sightings. You can catch the Crocodile Players at the Crocodile Lounge (1540 North Milwaukee Avenue) as they host The Show Below. And you can check out the leader of this reptilian bunch at Travis and read some and/or all of his musings on the National Lampoon website.

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – The RyeBread Radio Show – LIVE at Argo Tea in Chicago

    RyeBread Radio is LIVE at the Argo Tea on 819 N. Rush st. in Chicago! From the Late Live Show, comedian Joe Kwaczala joins us, along with musical guest Sarah Holtschlag. Akeem is joined by local Chicago comedians Emily Lake and Eric Oren, with special guests throughout the night. It’s our LIVE show, so nothing can be anticipated and everything is arbitrary! If you ever wanted to hear RyeBread Radio WITHOUT any commercial interruptions, THIS is the show for YOU!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Exclusive Episode

    Raphael Anstey, the Chicago Director of, joins us in the RyeBread Radio studio (on-location, actually – listen and find out where)! We talk about – a website that helps to facilitate the meeting of students from different departments within the same school and between different universities. We discuss the general philosophy behind the innovative website, and how students (both graduate and undergraduates) can properly navigate the website to get the preferred outcome they hope to receive from their involvement. join us as we discuss dating and the campus life, on this EXCLUSIVE episode of RyeBread Radio on WebTalk Radio!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Comedian Dennis Blair

    Comedian Dennis Blair joins RyeBread Radio on-location, before his week-long performance at Zanies Comedy Club! Early in his career, Rodney Dangerfield made him his protégé, and together they toured the United States and Canada for over three years. Dennis conceived and co-wrote Rodney’s hit movie, “Easy Money,” where he also played two cameo roles. Dennis went on to open for a multitude of celebrities, such as Tom Jones and George Carlin, the latter with whom he toured for over eighteen years. He won an Emmy Award for co-authoring the animated film “Confessions of a Standup”. We discuss his illustrious career in stand-up and his zest for the impending rapture.

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Comedian Dobie Maxwell

    Comedian Dobie Maxwell joins us in the RyeBread Radio studio! Dobie discusses his time on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, his comedy classes, teaching the art of comedy to students. He’s opened up for such notable comedians as Jay Leno, Jeff Foxworthy, and Chris Rock. We talk about how the stand-up comedy scene has changed over the course of time, and where it may potentially go with the younger scene. A very good, in-depth conversation on comedy!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Comedian Marcus in the RyeBread Radio studio

    From NBC’s Last Comic Standing season 6, Comedian Marcus joins us in the RyeBread Radio studio! He discusses his time on the NBC hit reality show, and gives us some real insider knowledge on the dynamics of the entire production – any fan of the Last Comic Standing series will enjoy this in-depth conversation on the industry, and of course what it’s like to go through such a reality show program. We also test Marcus and his impression limits – FYI: he has none! Thanks to all those that came out to see Marcus at the Congress Theater last week, we’ll give you guys a shout-out on the next RyeBread Radio Show!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Comedians Emily Lake and Jamie Campbell

    Comedian Jamie Campbell (ComedySportz Theater) joins us in the RyeBread Radio studio! He talks about his career in stand-up, and improv. You can check him out in his new improv group, Montreal Screwjob. Also, from Last Comic Standing Season 6, comedian Marcus calls in to the RyeBread Radio studio! He recently performed at Chicago’s own Congress Theater, and he’ll be in the studio LIVE in the next episode. Comedians Eric Oren and Emily Lake also join in on this time-bending episode of RyeBread Radio!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Jam Sessions – The West Side Winders

    Dan Peters (guitarist, vocals), Derek Brand (Bassist) and Kyle Olsen (Drums) of the West Side Winders join us in the RyeBread Radio Lounge for another Jam Sess’! Filled to the brim with smokin’ guitar work, this Chicago power trio packs a mighty blend of rockabilly, surf, honky-tonk, blues and western swing into one seriously rockin’ good time package. We talk about each member’s illustrious career in the music industry, what it’s like opening for Bon Jovi, and stay towards the end for a rockabilly riff on the RyeBread Radio theme! Be sure to check these guys out and BUY their ALBUMS! And find ‘em on FACEBOOK!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – Comedian Eddie Sarfaty

    Comedian Eddie Sarfaty joins us in the RyeBread Radio Studio! Eddie Sarfaty has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, The Today Show, and Logo’s stand-up show, Wisecrack. In 2008, Eddie’s short story “Second-Guessing Grandma”, was made into a film which has been featured at festivals across the USA as well as in Europe and South America. Eddie’s first book, a collection of comic essays entitled Mental: Funny in the Head was released by Kensington Press in 2009 to excellent reviews. He provides us with comedic commentary on such issues as this week’s news headlines, his comedy career, and relationships. Pick up his book, visit his website, and Keep Laughing!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – ‘Singing In The Abbey’ band Perform Live in-studio

    Annie Higgins (piano/lead vocals), Donna Miller (cello), and Katie Cooper (violin/vocals) of Singing In The Abbey join us in the RyeBread Radio studio for another one of our Jam Sessions! We chat about how the girls got together, their inspiration for their musical genius, and have them perform a few NEW SONGS off their yet-to-be-released EP. Of course, you can purchase Singing In The Abbey’s current album, “Wake Up, Sardis!” by going to their website. Definitely WORTH the buy! And check ‘em out on Facebook! Drummer of Singing In The Abbey, Jason Toth, gets an honorable mention for stopping by towards the end of the session. This is one band that fully utilizes the RyeBread Radio studio space and brings some much-need class to our broadcast! Also, the RyeBread Radio Show gets a write-up in TimeOut Chicago Magazine! Looks like we made it…well, sort of. Just go out and get a copy, already!

  • The RyeBread Radio Show – RyeBread Radio – Eric Oren and the Serendipitous Meetings of the Rye Guys

    On this episode of RyeBread Radio, host Akeem introduces local comedian Eric Oren and talks about his burgeoning career in stand-up. Originally from Oregon, Eric has three years of comedy under his belt. Along with co-host Jeremy Solomon, Eric will be performing at Chicago’s acclaimed Zanies comedy club this month! Though the RyeBread Radio Show has been around for over a year and a half, consider this episode expository, explaining the wry format RyeBread is known for and the many guests that have and will soon grace the RBR studios. You won’t find this episode on RyeBread Radio – Exclusively here on Web TalkRadio!