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What if living your dreams and having a life full of passion and purpose were easier than NOT DOING IT? What if you discovered that it is just as easy, if not easier, to step up and be extraordinary? Living a life beyond your wildest dreams is so close to you, but like the nose on your face, you can’t see it unless you look in the mirror. THE SECRET IS YOU is your mirror to a phenomenal transformation. Darlene empowers audiences and moves people to deliver lasting results!

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Don’t miss another inspiring ½ hour with world famous host, Darlene Nelson, as she interviews Arizona’s Legend Sam Meranto. Sam has been called the most successful therapist ever by his clients. His simple techniques of eating all you want “the right way” can leads to a longer healthy life. At 82 Sam can outdo many […]

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The Secret is You with Darlene Nelson

Loved worldwide, Darlene Nelson delivers amazing, life-changing inspiration… with lasting results! As an international speaker, Darlene is well loved. Known for her famous “500-year vision, that what we do today affects the next five generations… so you must make it count” Darlene creates powerful shifts in your thought process to encourage immediate change, and inspire powerful lasting teamwork.

Darlene will shatter your negative myths about money! After listening to these CD’s, you will see life through a completely different set of eyes. A transformational shift that will change you forever.

Darlene’s view about MONEY is refreshing and empowering! You can start today to begin a powerful shift that can attract abundance to you under any circumstances. If you are not moving forward right now in your life, then you are moving backwards! There is no stagnation. It’s time to MOVE!

Darlene’s ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING CD series is amazing! It is a powerful wake up call for anyone who wants a quick breakthrough to financial success.

Her most recent books “THE SECRET IS YOU” and “AWAKEN A MIRACLE”are just two of her powerful published works. There is a reason Darlene has been referred to as “ONE OF THE MOST LOVED AND INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKERS.”