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The Stimulus Driven Brain

Show Details HostPeople with ADD/ADHD don’t struggle because they choose to. It is not a matter of lacking intelligence or being lazy. In addition to trouble with focus, people often need to overcome the assortment of myths that surround ADD/ADHD, including questioning that it even really exists. Explore the cutting edge of what leading coaches, medical clinicians, authors have to share about effectively overcoming the challenges of ADD/ADHD. Learn practical ways of not just effectively managing the challenges but capitalizing on the many assets that ADD can be.


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The Stimulus Driven Brain – Organization from Big to Small

Can we look at organizing a whole year . . Of course we can! The planning for the year involves using a master calendar. Dialing the pages of our lifecloser, we can look at the organization of a quarter at school, a month in our lives,and dial it down to a week at a time […]

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The Stimulus Driven Brain with George H. Glade ARNP

George H. Glade, M.C., M.N., ARNP is the author of “The Stimulus Driven Brain: The Essential Guide for the ADD/ADHD College Student”. He has a diverse clinical practice encompassing work in the psychiatric emergency room of Seattle’s major trauma center as well as private practice. He has a clinical appointment at the University of Washington/ Harborview Medical Center. His professional areas of interest are varied and include ADD/ADHD, maternal depression, bipolarity, and head injury. He is a highly entertaining speaker for professionals, the business community and the public. His own stimulus driven brain finds interest in writing fiction, fishing hiking, painting, rowing and traveling in Central and South America.


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