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The Truth About Relationships

David S. Wilde, LCSW, LSW, JD, CEAP

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Host: David S. Wilde, LCSW, LSW, JD, CEAP

Improving your relationships is possible and simple when you learn, understand, and really “get” how your inner world not only impacts but actually creates your outer world. The Truth About Relationships leaves behind the psychological jargon and shines a stadium-sized floodlight on both. With newfound self-recognition, you’ll have the nuts and bolts tools to create happier and healthier relationships in all areas of your life.

The Truth About Relationships is a practical show that integrates Eastern metaphysical and spiritual teachings, including A Course in Miracles, “The Secret” Law of Attraction, the work of Eckhart Tolle and much, much more, with Western psychological schools of thought. It teaches practical tools and techniques that work.

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The Truth About Relationships with David S. Wilde, LCSW, LSW, JD, CEAP

David S. Wilde is a licensed, holistic and metaphysical psychotherapist, a relationship and success expert and coach, an inspirational speaker and writer, and a retired trial attorney. He believes that far too many people are stuck in the “stories” (i.e. internal negative narratives) of their lives, often with the unwitting “help” of their therapists, many for years upon years, not knowing that, indeed, there is another way.

Refreshingly radical yet age-old, David’s work is informed by many spiritual principles, including those of “A Course in Miracles”, “The Secret” Law of Attraction, the writings of Eckhart Tolle, and many other Eastern teachings. Though his work is highly serious, his style is interactive, funny, and very entertaining.

He did a 360: David’s passion was always on helping people with real-life, day-to-day challenges. He’s always steered clear from the psychological jargon, diagnostic labels and traditional psychotherapeutic techniques that just don’t work for the vast majority of people who need help. After working on an inpatient psychiatric unit after college, David left the field entirely because of what he calls “the mental health institution’s own self-serving and self-righteous impracticality;” what he refers to as its own form of “insanity.”

He went on to become a trial attorney with the intention of working on products liability cases to help “the little guy” against the goliaths. However, after a decade of paddling fast in waters where his ethics and integrity were frequently on the line, he, again, did an about-face and returned to his love of being a helper and a healer. David became a metaphysical psychotherapist and a spiritual relationship, career, and success coach.

David Wilde has appeared on national television and radio shows, wrote an interactive column, “Ask David”, in a holistic magazine, “Creating Community” for years, led singles support groups for as many years, and loves facilitating “A Course in Miracles” study groups. He’s given talks and workshops on intimate and family relationships, in-laws, blended family and parenting issues, anger management, infidelity, addictions, including sexual and relationship addictions, stress reduction, metaphysics and spirituality, as well as on different and novel approaches to meditation, breath work, and energy psychology.

Other things about David:

• Over 15 years as a couples, marriage and family counselor, coach and therapist
• Extensive work with ADD and ADHD
• Career, job, organizational, and entrepreneurial coach
• Consultant to senior management and staff on organizational and workplace issues including on-site seminars, trainings, workshops, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (“CISD’s”)
• Level II Certification in EMDR (“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”)
• Reiki Certification
• Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) Certification
• Integrated Energy Therapy (“IET”) Certification
• Certification as an Employee Assistance (“CEAP”) Professional
• Was a milieu therapist on an acute-care, inpatient psychiatric unit in Framingham, Massachusetts
• Was a crisis counselor at the Worcester Crisis Center
• Completed externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (“EFT”) developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, one of the best documented, most substantive, and well-researched approaches to couples therapy. EFT stands as one of the best validated couples interventions in North America with an astounding 75 percent success rate, with 86 percent of couples reporting feeling happier in their relationships.
• Worked for United Behavioral Health and Magellan Behavioral Health, two of the largest behavioral health care companies in the world
• With an LCSW in NY, an LSW in NJ, and a CSW in Pennsylvania, David holds an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York, a JD from Brooklyn Law School, and a B.A. in Psychology cum laude from Clark University in Worcester, MA.