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Michelle Colston is about to change your life…or day…or maybe just your lunch hour. On this blog-style, internet radio show, The Undiscovered Goddess starts with what we already know: we’re overloaded. How in the world can we keep it together without dropping f-bombs every five seconds? Or claiming our power as women without joining a feminist commune? And does anyone know just how long skinny jeans will be a trend? Michelle’s mission is to find out. Every week she talks with expert (and let’s face it, sometimes not so expert) guests, asking for answers to the big questions. Tune in and together, we can discover our inner goddesses…or at least laugh our asses off trying.



The Undiscovered Goddess with Michelle Colston

Michelle Colston, mother, writer and all around American neurotic. What first began as a hobby, scripting irreverent jokes and “Get to Know Your Friend” emails, has developed into a full-fledged vocation. In her writing, Michelle draws inspiration from the simple experiences of daily life: womanhood, friendship, a perpetual identity crisis, as well as wrangling three children, a messy house and a writing career—all while trying to refrain from using the F-word excessively. She is the author of The Undiscovered Goddess, keeping a blog of the same name at www.theundiscoveredgoddess.com, and is continuing her education in Woman’s Issues & Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts.


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