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Show Details HostLearn the mindset that will have everyone wondering what you are doing to get that glow. Get the latest info on everything from super nutrition and yoga to fitness while acquiring confidence building skills. When you start using Think Fit ideas you can expect to look and feel better than ever. Losing weight? That’s just a pleasant side effect of thinking – and being – fit.


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Peter Sterling gives us more tips for connecting with the Angels, dolphins and so much more. He also has great ideas on things you can do daily to feel your best.

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Think Fit with Kim Caldwell

Kim Caldwell graduated from the University of Memphis and has studied nutrition and how thoughts affect our lives for over a decade. She lost three sizes and gained her vitality when she discovered green smoothies, live foods and uplifted thinking. She is the author of How Green Smoothies Save My Life and loves to share what she has learned with others.


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  • Think Fit – THINK FIT ANGEL MUSIC PART 2 Peter Sterling gives us more tips for connecting with the Angels, dolphins and so much more. He also has great ideas on things you can do daily to feel your best.
  • Think Fit – Part 2 on clearing your emotions with Sandra Bradley Sandra gives more valuable information and ideas on how to feel lighter and happier emotionally every day. Great tips you can use to feel better now.
  • Think Fit – The Emotion Code Hear from Sandra Bradley who explains the benefit of identifying stuck emotions in order to free them. This results in greater peace happiness and success.
  • Think Fit – AN ANCIENT OIL FOR YOUTH AND BEAUTY Meet Jimmy Moore of Eden Allure. Hear about how this all natural Organic Moroccan Oil will enhance your well being as well as give you beautiful skin. Discover why this beauty secret has been used for centuries.
  • Think Fit – Week1042 In part 2 hear how Mirabai Devi is helping people to get grounded and connect with their abundant nature. She gives practical tips we can use to attract more peace and what we want now .
  • Think Fit – Hear from a modern day guru Meet Mirabai Devi and learn how she is helping to heal the planet. In part one of this interview she will discuss how we can have a Divine life.
  • Think Fit – Angel Music Peter Sterling award winning composer tells how the angels have inspired his music healing music. Discover how these soothing harp sounds can enhance your life.
  • Think Fit – LEARN THE 4 SPIRITUAL LAWS OF PROSPERITY Meet Edwene Gaines author and motivator who tells us how she went from having little to a life of great prosperity. Her warm and generous ideas will help anyone.
  • Think Fit – Can organizing be spiritual? Learn how organizing your home can give you a better life. Meet Claire Josefine author of The Spiritual Art of Being Organized. She gives great tips and inspires with delightful words.
  • Think Fit – Daily Inspiration Hear from Bernard Dozier about his uplifting book Walking in the Light. Bernard will share his insights on lifting our spirits daily to reap wonderful dividends.
  • Think Fit – Tap your way to happiness and success Part 2 Hear how Law Of Attraction and Tapping are the perfect marriage. Learn how to release negative thoughts so you may thrive like never before. Natalie Hill creator of is back to give great tips.
  • Think Fit – Tap Your Way To Happiness and Success Natalie Hill is here with valuable tips on using an amazing technique to bring peace and success. The tapping process clears out old limiting thoughts and beliefs easier than you ever imagined creating room for wonderful new things to come to you.
  • Think Fit – Have you taken your Star Essences Today Part 2 Star Riparetti is back to give us practical ideas and all the information on the latest in essences? Get great ideas on how to enhance your life with all natural gem essences. Learn about how they are lifting the planet.
  • Think Fit – Have You Taken Your Star Essences Today? Meet Star Riparetti, author of Bliss and Blessings and creator of an amazing line of flower and gem essences. Star shares how we can use flowers to rejuvenate and lift ourselves emotionally.
  • Think Fit – The 15-MINUTE MIRACLE REVEALED PART 2 In part 2, author Jacquelyn Aldana guides us through empowering steps to help us experience more peace and joy now. Learn the questions to ask yourself that can lead to some very enlightening answers.
  • Think Fit – The 15-MINUTE MIRACLE REVEALED In part 1 get tips from author Jacquelyn Aldana to handle challenges or just help to make your life the fun journey it should be. Hear about how to enjoy greater prosperity, improved relationships and so much more.
  • Think Fit – EMOTIONAL DETOX Author Suzanna Kennedy will guide us to attract harmonious, soul-nourishing relationships into our lives. Experience a new sense of prosperity as money flows in your direction. All this and more from releasing what no longer serves us.
  • Think Fit – The Ave Maria Experience Elisa Brown delights us with her warm wit and tells about her therapeutic CD created with Grammy winner Barry Goldstein. Elisa talks about unique healing concepts in music and how we can use them to enhance our lives now.
  • Think Fit – Happiness From The Inside Out Robert Mack, author and life coach gives us valuable tips on how to get more happiness in our lives now. Hear his compelling story of how he went from despair to happiness and how it can help you.
  • Think Fit – Healing Music From A Grammy Winner Producer Barry Goldstein’s musical experience spans many styles and genres from winning a Grammy with Les Paul for Best Rock Instrumental in 2005, to providing ambient music for Shirley Maclaine. Hear his tips on feeling your best now.
  • Think Fit – Part 2 Health Food For Your Skin Susie Wang, creator of 100% pure cosmetics gives sage advice on everything from clearing acne and softening wrinkles to whitening your teeth naturally. Enjoy Susie’s fun personality combined with her years of skin and cosmetic experience and knowledge.
  • Think Fit – Health Food For Your Skin Meet Susie Wang, creator of 100% Pure Cosmetics. Learn why natural is better than ever for helping you look and feel your best. Get beauty tips to make you irresistible.
  • Think Fit – Create More Abundance With Feng Shui Linda Binns, author and Feng Shui expert will give you powerful tips to bring more of everything you want in your life. Learn secrets to enhance your Abundance on all levels. Hear how to create a space to bring more of what you want? Do you want to know how to make ...
  • Think Fit – ENHANCE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH FENG SHUI Would you like to attract the ideal mate or simply keep the one you have very happy? Would you like to know the secret to getting along with your mother or teenager better? Hear the most important tip you will ever acquire for creating the partnerships you desire with others from Linda ...
  • Think Fit – Leashes and Lovers Sheryl Matthys author of Leashes and Lovers shares all your dog can teach about having the best relationships ever. Even if you do not have a dog you need to find out about the “90” second rule to enhance your love life. Also get the “doggy dish” on how some of your favorite ...
  • Think Fit – Cure Tooth Decay Naturally for vegetarians Ramiel Nagel discusses what vegetarians can add to their diet in order to strengthen their teeth and bones. Learn the top foods that will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need for a bright and healthy smile.
  • Think Fit – Meet Ramiel Nagel, Author of Cure Tooth Decay Learn about the foods that have kept peoples teeth strong for centuries. Hear about the work of old school master dentists who knew the power of good nutrition for healthy teeth. This is not a vegetarian program but everyone needs to listen and use the ideas to customize a great healthy teeth program for themselves.
  • Think Fit – The Power of your mind Part 2 In the second interview with Dr. Pokea you will learn more techniques to help you relax and enjoy your life more. Is gratitude a remedy for stress? Find out this and more tips you can use to feel great now.
  • Think Fit – The Power Of Your Mind Learn from a doctor all about the mind body connection. Dr. Pokea will teach us about how some people become addicted to stress and what we can do to get more peace and bliss in our lives. Get stress busting tips that will help you really enjoy your life.
  • Think Fit – Broccoli Cupcake Calie Shackleford gives us a wealth of information on how to give your family more health and vitality with a fun and lively personality. She will also share an inspiring story on how she came back from anxiety stronger than ever. Get many tips on how you can become more self empowered.
  • Think Fit – Do You Have Angels Guiding You? Part 2 Belinda Womack author of Angels Guide is back to give us guidance from the angels on how to handle all the fear surrounding money right now. Learn how your angels can guide you to a relaxed and knowing mindset that everything is going to be alright. Belinda will remind us of our power and so ...
  • Think Fit – Do You Have Angels Guiding You? –Part 1 Belinda Womack author of Angels Guide is going to tell you about the angels you have around guiding and protecting you. All you need to do is ask for their help and they will assist you with anything you desire. Learn to create miracles in your life.
  • Think Fit – WHY YOU NEED GRATITUDE Hear the latest on how gratitude will enhance every area of your life. Valerie Saurer creator of the Attitude of gratitude project will show you how a simple change in attitude can heal your mind, body and spirit.
  • Think Fit – Luckier You Part Two In part two of the “Get More Luck interview” Elaine Wilkes author of Natures Secret Messages continues explaining how to get more luck, tap into the abundance around you in nature and line up with more of what you want.
  • Think Fit – Learn How to Be Luckier. In part one of this two part interview Elaine Wilkes author of Natures Secret Messages will tell us how to get more luck, create more peace and many other tips that are hidden in nature just waiting to enhance our lives. Find the abundance that nature has waiting for you now.
  • Think Fit – Got Stress? Get some great tips on handling the harder times that we all face now and then with more ease. Kim is joined by Dr. Susan Jones to give you practical ideas you can use every day to make stress more manageable. You will get something you need from this.
  • Think Fit – The How of Happiness One of the best ways to get fit is to become more happy. Sonja Lyubomirsky is a professor of psychology at UCLA and author of The How of Happiness. Sonya will give you techniques on how to be more happy. She also gives techniques on how to navigate lifes rough patches.
  • Think Fit – MEET A RAW FOOD AND GREEN SMOOTHIE EXPERT Victoria Boutenko is the author of Green for Life who brought the country green smoothies. Learn about the raw food diet and why stars like Demi Moore use it to take pounds off and look better than ever.
  • Think Fit – Learn Powerful Breathing Techniques to give you incredible results. Al Lee author of Perfect Breathing is going to teach us how to get more energy, reduce stress, build strong nerves and get that glow. He will show us how to lift and enhance our lives.
  • Think Fit – ENJOY A TUNE UP CONSULTATION WITH A HEALTH EXPERT Lana Kontos is a N.D. candidate who holds 5 certificates in the health and wellness field. She is the author of 3 e-books. Her caring and informed style is helping countless people. Learn the steps to feeling and looking your best while getting uplifted by this dynamic person.
  • Think Fit – Part 2 With The Worlds #1 Problem Solver Asara Lovejoy Author Of The One Command. How would you like to have a command that you could use to get more of what you want from life? Asara Lovejoy is joined by Kathryn Perry to show us how to use this command to look and feel better than ever.
  • Think Fit – Meet the Juice Lady. Cherie Calbom Cherie Calbom will talk about her new book Juice Fasting and Detoxing For Life. Learn how you can take years off your appearance, shed unwanted pounds and get vitality and wonderful health. You need to know about the power of fresh juices.
  • Think Fit – Get A Consultation With a Fitness Expert and Learn about Crystal Singing Bowls Jennifer Nicole Lee has been featured on Oprah and is here to help you look and feel better than ever. If you have not heard of Crystal Singing Bowls you will be amazed at how soothing and aligning they are. Madra Little, a sound therapist is here to tell you how they will benefit you.
  • Think Fit – MIRACLE SPICES IN YOUR CABINET Dr. Susan Jones is a leading voice for health and fitness in America and worldwide today, the author several audio programs and 20 books. She will share with you all the amazing things in your kitchen that will make you feel your best. Also get ideas on how to stay in a positive frame of ...
  • Think Fit – CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER AND ENHANCE YOUR LIFE Meet Barbara Tako author of “Clutter Clearing Choices” and motivational clutter clearing and home organizing speaker. Learn about all the miracles you will experience with the simple act of releasing what you do not need and use. Get the tips the professionals use.
  • Think Fit – The Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics Meet Jessica Porter author of The Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics. Some say she is part Joan Rivers and part Gandhi. She makes learning about this diet that some of the beautiful people in Hollywood get great results from fun and easy.
  • Think Fit – Asara Lovejoy author of The One Command is known as the worlds #1 problem solver. Joined by Kathryn Perry these powerful women will give you the “one command” you can use to get fit and get anything else you desire. Learn how simple it is to feel your best and live with passion.
  • Think Fit – Mark Urka aka Dr.Tea, author of The Ultimate Diet. Learn how common tea will help you become trim, get you in a great mood, and keep you youthful. Also, be sure to listen for the big Hollywood Stars that go to Dr. Teas shop.
  • Think Fit – Words to make you more beautiful. Meet Kathy Roberts who lost 50 pounds naturally and now helps others do the same with a healthful program that will have you feeling as great as you look. Are there words that can make you more beautiful. Patra Estay says yes and will explain how easy they are for you to use.
  • Think Fit – More secrets to looking and feeling you best. Discover how green smoothies will take away your cravings for junky food and help you to get that glow. Sherry Blades will share her success with green smoothies. Is it really worth your time to take on yoga? Learn how yoga will not only tone up your body but enhance your whole life with yoga ...