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Ann Hession

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Attention small business owners: You’ve got problems? We’ve got answers. We’ll take the peskiest, most persistent problems you have and turn them into plentiful, ongoing profits.
Let’s face it, when you are open for business, you may also be open to all sorts of calamities, customer upsets, employee hijinks, product flaws or even self-imposed setbacks. As a business owner, it’s your job to get out in front of the problems and manage THEM so they don’t manage YOU! Ann Hession and her team of experts are here to help. From low sales to crazy employees to 12 hour days they have been there and have the solutions to help you resolve your problems and get your business into profit mode. Join us each week for issues and answers for people just like you, open for business and all that comes with it.
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Turning Problems Into Profits – Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Just Learn From the Best!

Join me and my guest Michael Randazzo, author of Tales of An American Entrepreneur: Journey of a Small Business Owner.  Michael is the founder of a nationally ranked salon business and expert at  creating a lucrative business out of limited resources. Business is business, and there are best practices and key decisions all small business […]

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Turning Problems Into Profits with Ann Hession

Ann Hession is a business growth coach who helps business owners reach more people, make more sales, and create powerful teams and systems that turn their Problems into Profits. Through nuts-and-bolts, real world solutions and powerful training, she helps them master the strategies and skills they need to grow their companies in today’s marketplace. And have a life at the same time!

Since 2007, she has worked with over 100 clients in over 65 different industries, producing results that have doubled and even tripled sales, helped owners move from 10-12 hours days to 7-8 hours a day and more days off, and create businesses that run without the constant micro-management cycle that so many small business owners never break out of.

Results like those take hard work, but with the right strategies and “no more messing around!” implementation, they can happen for your business as well. Not for dabblers or the faint of heart – but if you want REAL change and growth in your business, get ready!

A personal commitment to excellence, and a fascination with the human capacity for achievement and growth, led her to study Psychology and Social Relations at Harvard University, from which she graduated with honors in 1985. She has also trained extensively with marketing/business strategy thought leaders Jay Abraham and Chet Holmes, and earned a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management at Northeastern University.

As one client expressed, “Ann balances street wisdom and Harvard degree with aplomb and a graciously-yet-barely-contained enthusiasm that leaves me feeling like even MY “impossible” dreams are possible.”


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