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Host: Seth Carrino and Daniel Sutcliffe

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is easily the fastest growing spectator sport in world. Since the 90’s there has been an explosion of enthusiastic fans – and media interest. We’ll cover all things MMA: the latest Mixed Martial Arts news, events and predictions. You’ll hear tips to better your health with fitness, and provide ideas to grow your Martial Arts Business. Join us for candid interviews with those in the MMA ring from athletes to the business pro’s, this is your source for all things Martial Arts.

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Valiant MMA Show – Who to Trust in the MMA World

We wanted to share from personal experience about who you should trust in the MMA world and how to surround yourself with the right people. Also there is a surprise interview with a Legend of the Art, Bruce Lee. That is correct, We are interviewing the one and only and finding out his philosophy of […]

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Valiant MMA Show with Seth Carrino & Daniel Sutcliffe

Seth Carrino
Training and competing has been in Seth’s blood since he was born. Seth found his love for martial arts when he was watching Fist of Fury, a Bruce Lee classic. Seth strives to bring that same passion and enthusiasm to his training and back into Martial Arts just as Bruce did. With the 7 years of experience Seth has in Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Wrestling, and Muay Thai, he has learned to take the best from each Martial Art and use it to become a unique Martial Artist.

Seth is a certified personal trainer, a competing Martial Artist, and a head MMA Instructor. With his knowledge he trains Mixed Martial Artist to compete, teaches self defense, instructs a group fitness class, and personally trains clients with great success.

Seth has started his own business known as Valiant Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness LLC out of Warren, OH. He is determined to use Martial Arts to make a difference in the lives of as many as he can through his business.

Daniel Sutcliffe
If you are looking for an experienced voice in Mixed Martial Arts, Daniel is your man to talk to. With plenty of fights in the cage and the true struggle story of a fighter he can give you the best advice to help reach your potential as a Mixed Martial Artist. Daniel’s passion for everything MMA is heard in his voice and his humbleness is felt in his presence. He is also a co-instructor at Valiant Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness LLC and gives much dedication to the guys in the gym but is also a true family man outside of the gym. He currently competes as a Mixed Martial Artist and probably will until they tell him he is not allowed to anymore.