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Host: Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP

The path to financial independence is paved with tests and challenges. Most of us don’t spend the time to prepare and persevere. Key disciplines of wealth generation and management when consistently applied will yield unparalleled results. Anyone in America can create wealth with the right guidance. On Wealth Solutions, global entrepreneur Paul Le Joy who built a 50 million dollar business in just seven years will light the way sharing his past experiences – successes and failures – and actionable tools to generate more income and create wealth.

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Wealth Solutions with Paul LeJoy and Kimberly Reed, CDP

Kimberly S. Reed, CDP

Kimberly S. Reed, CDP, “Corporatepreneur”, Senior Partner, Ascendant Group (, has earned a reputation as one of the most dynamic speakers and media trainers. Reed speaks on topics ranging from executive branding, entrepreneurial leadership, professional and personal development, empowerment and public speaking internationally. Also, she is a regular speaker and lecturer at the Wharton Business School’s and Villanova University’s LEAD Programs.

For nearly fifteen years Reed has helped executives and professionals develop a “Y.E.S.” (You, Empower, Self) mentality. After over a decade as a diversity and inclusion strategist for some of the largest companies in the world including PwC, Campbell Soup Company, Merrill Lynch and Deloitte, Reed had the ability to develop innovative solutions to identifying, attracting , retaining and developing top diverse talent. One of her career milestones includes PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where she held the role of Leader, Diversity Recruitment for the US Management Consulting Services. During her tenure, Reed led the largest business unit in increasing minority recruitment over 40% in the information technology industry.

Ascendant is a U.S. based firm with clients in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Holland and plans to launch a location in India in 2012. The firm is recognized as a global leader in CEO branding and focuses on “strategic branding for leaders” through tools such as PR, speaking engagements, book deals, social media, and strategic alliance development to help corporations put a face with their marketing efforts and draw a deeper connection with their core audience. Reed also heads up Reed Development Group in partnership with Ascendant Group. The business performance practice at RDG partners with Fortune 500 companies, top universities and nonprofits. This practice focuses on developing creative and interactive training programs. Additionally, this practice focuses on creative recruitment and retention solutions for employees. The people performance practice focuses on training CEO’s, executives, athletes and professionals including; former VP of Dell & Motorola, Fenorris Pearson and NBA veteran, Eric Snow on taking their presentation skills from good to great. Reed has a passion and added a focus in working with entrepreneurial organizations to help CEO’s develop the leadership skills they need to survive in an entrepreneurial landscape.

Reed has been recognized repeatedly by such organizations as American Express and the City of Philadelphia for her leadership. Reed was recognized as one of the Most Influential: “Top 10 Under 40 to Watch” by the Philadelphia Tribune and by UpTown Magazine as “Philly’s Finest Professionals”.

As an active member in the community, Reed served on several professional and non-for-profit boards most recently serving on the, Camden Empowerment Corporation, and serving as President, of NExT Philadelphia, a Network of Extraordinary Talent. In academia, she serves on the Howard University School of Business, Center for Accounting Education Advisory Board.

Reed holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations and Public Administration from Westchester University.

Paul LeJoy
Paul LeJoy is a revered real estate investor and top business building expert who has earned the reputation as a motivational leader in helping others duplicate his success and create wealth. LeJoy believes it is impossible to be poor in America, and he speaks on topics such as being successful with real estate and how anyone with the passion and desire can create wealth in America, regardless of their situation. His is also the founder, owner, and inspiration behind Pacific Realty Partners.
Since immigrating to America from Taiwan in 2001, Paul has set out to live a designer lifestyle, believing the United States offered endless opportunities for anyone to create wealth. He bought his first home in Manteca, California in August 2002 for $280,000 and then sold it in December 2004 for $400,000. This inspired his passion for real estate and would be the stepping stone to his future business success. In December 2004, LeJoy got his real estate license and started practicing the trade part-time in April 2005. This led to the formation of Pacific Realty Partners, a 50 million dollar company that LeJoy built in just a few short years.
His expertise in business is proven in his quick rise in the real estate industry and his ability to succeed no matter what the challenge. When the real estate market changed in 2007, LeJoy had to change with it or face complete failure. He was quick to grasp the trends and started signing up with banks and asset management companies. He soon started getting BPO (Broker Price Opinion) assignments. It didn’t take long before he started getting REOs. LeJoy is now one of the top 20 REO Brokers in the San Francisco Bay Area and considered a top expert in the real estate industry. He is a regular fixture at default industry events and can be spotted easily at major REO conventions such as REOMAC and Fivestar as well as close-knit invites.
LeJoy’s success in real estate was empowered by his business skills and no-excuses approach to success. In 2012, he wrote the book entitled “It’s Impossible to be Poor in America,” a book that teaches others how to duplicate his success by using their passion to create wealth through real estate or other business ideas. This book serves as an inspiration and blueprint for anyone, regardless of their experience, income, or background. To date, he has helped multiple people to increase their income to six figures in just a matter of months.
In addition to his impressive track record of building wealth and teaching others to do the same, LeJoy has traveled the world extensively. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and French and is extremely passionate about the Internet. He designs and programs websites and also writes books and blogs about real estate and business.

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