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Host: Mark Seinfelt

Books are your passport to the universe. From your own chair you can be transported anywhere, travel to any time and explore the mysteries and grandeur of all creation. Reading not only feeds the imagination but is essential to our intellectual development. From period literature to futuristic science-fiction, Mark Seinfelt and his guests will celebrate heroic authors and iconic characters. Tune in each week and embrace the joys of reading and literature through this lively repartee from the literary world.

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Word Patriots – Seinfelt and Shakespeare Filmography

Today, my father Dr. Frederick William Seinfelt again joins me on Word Patriots. We will be discussing Shakespeare on film and which cinematic versions of the plays speak most to us and why. We talk about the first three American sound films of Shakespeare: the 1929 Pickford Corporation’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” Max Reinhardt’s […]

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Word Patriots with Mark Seinfelt

Mark Seinfelt is the author of four books. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the Pennsylvania State University, where he received the Henry Sams Memorial Award for his thesis and where he studied under critically acclaimed author Paul West, whose awards include the Lannan Prize for Fiction, the Literature Prize of the American Academy, and the designation Chevalier of Arts and Letters from the government of France, and novelist and screenwriter Robert C.S. Downs. He also holds a Master of Fine Arts in writing from Washington University in St. Louis, where he worked with the noted fiction writer, philosopher, and essayist William H. Gass, who served as chairman of his dissertation committee.

In 2004, his study of famous author suicides Final Drafts was selected as an alternate selection of the Readers’ Subscription Book Club. His novel Henry Boulanger of Mushannon Town won the 2010 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the category of Historical Fiction. He is also the author of Symphonie Fantastique, a collection of novellas concerning four haunted, obsessed individuals, and of the Tolkienesque fantasy Baldr and Beatrice. Seinfelt’s fiction and non-fiction has been featured in numerous publications. Currently, he resides in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.


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