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Show Details HostAncient mysteries. The paranormal. Time Travel. Teleportation. Hollow Earth theory. Hear the facts upon which The X-Files and Fringe are based. All this and more from a renaissance scientist who has become the host of North America’s most popular paranormal Internet talk radio program. Brooks Agnew talks to the world’s greatest minds about the mysteries of our universe and of the earth. Not to be missed. Not one word. |

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X-Squared Radio – The Discovery of Two Space Programs

NASA has long been the world’s public relations portal for space exploration. But are they telling us everything? No. Tune into this amazing report including a rare recording of President Kennedy describing what may be the tip of a space program so huge that it may go past your imagination. What was President Eisenhower afraid […]

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X-Squared Radio with Brooks Agnew

Brooks A. Agnew is a commercial scientist and engineer with more than 30 years of technical experience. An honor graduate from Tennessee Technological University, and a 5-time Amazon best selling author, features on History, Discovery, and Tru TV Channels, he has acquired a very entertaining hobby. He loves to discuss the ancient mysteries with a smooth and passionate scientific voice. When he isn’t building electric vehicles, lecturing, writing, or designing solutions for business efficiency, he is talking on the radio to millions of people all over the world. His audience comes from every place and every age group.


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