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Deborah S. Howell

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Host: Deborah S. Howell

We may find ourselves in situations we don’t want to be in and wonder what happened, how did I get here, why did I do that, why me – or perhaps we justify our lack of progress or lack of happiness with a variety of “legitimate” excuses. We are all connected and deeply influence each other’s lives. We may often project or deflect onto others, however, until we take full responsibility for all of our life experiences, we will continue to live in fear and struggle, ultimately hurting and denying ourselves the life we desire and deserve. The content of this program is relevant to the daily habits and challenges we face as individuals and as a community regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or ability. Through authentic, heartfelt interaction and engagement, you will be intrinsically moved to greater awareness and personal insight. Listen to Your Life Matters to discover how you can rise up and move through your challenges. Here you will listen to stories of personal exploration and discovery and connect with where the HEART meets the human condition, the human spirit, and the human potential! BE inspired and empowered to move forward in your life and commit to living your life on purpose!

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Your Life Matters – A Positive Attitude Makes the Difference

Life expectancy…what do you do when you are suddenly diagnosed with a life threatening condition? After extensive radiation to her brain, chemotherapy, and multiple surgeries, my guest today, Nichole, shares candidly her challenges and her commitment to living each day proactively with optimism and gratitude—to better caring for herself. Listen to Nichole and be inspired […]

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Your Life Matters with Deborah S. Howell

Deborah is the author of the book, Straight to the Heart of What Matters.

She is the Founder and CEO of Victory in Action® SELF-Mastery and Empowerment Academy. Deborah’s expertise is on navigating the enlightened path to Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation. She is a physical therapist, a HeartMath® 1:1 Provider, and HeartMath® Stopping Emotional Eating Coach. Deborah has developed and facilitates an integrative and experiential process called, Emotional Muscle Fitness®, which teaches principles and practical strategies to build resilience into your everyday life, and enhance your ability to effectively cope with change and life-altering situations.

Deborah continues to expand her studies in the area of integrative and complementary therapies, mindfulness and heart centered practices, and working with traumatic life experiences. Her passion and focus is to teach, enlighten, and facilitate—encouraging positive and long lasting change…inspiring and empowering participants and listeners to increase their awareness and consciousness of the overall health effects of personal choices, nutritional choices, stress, and other influences in their daily lives.

Deborah is married, has four daughters, and is a Veteran of the United States Navy. She has been helping people for over two decades in a wide variety of direct patient care environments throughout the United States. Her eclectic views on health and health care have contributed to her success in treating patients living with chronic pain, and whose lives have been devastated by life-altering accidents or health conditions. Deborah strives to keep it real as she promotes having a positive self-image and a life in harmony and balance. Her program offers simple, realistic, and practical concepts, principles, and strategies for ‘piecing’ your life together. Her energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm will positively impact your life. You will be inspired, motivated, equipped, and empowered to live your best life possible!