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Tom Payne knows why most job seekers interview the wrong way and how to guide them to reverse their course and out-interview better-qualified competitors. His show will cover, among other things, networking, informational interviewing, winning attitudes, and developing a personal marketing package. Tom, and job experts, will discuss practical ways to get you back on your feet in a job market that has yet to recover.

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You’re Hired – The Ins and Outs of Resumes

Resumes provoke a great deal of questions. Should I write a functional, chronological, or hybrid resume? What do I do to make my resume survive the filtering programs companies use to hone in on a select few candidates? I’m over fifty years old, how far back do I go with my resume? I’m just getting […]

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You’re Hired with Tom Payne

Tom has been giving job seekers the necessary skills to successfully manage their career transition through seminars and individual coaching for over a decade. He is the author of the book, No Medal for Second Place: How to Finish First in Job Interviews, which has generated reviews like “completely transformed my job search” and “a MUST read.” His expertise has helped job seekers, who were continually failing in interview after interview, secure job offers in their next interview.

In addition to his book, blog, workshops and speaking engagements, Tom is now a radio host for His show is called “You’re Hired!” and listeners will hear practical advice from job experts who specialize in the many tasks job seekers must master to win the interviewing race.

His website,, offers sample chapters that detail some of the false assumptions that misguide the vast majority of job seekers. It explains why they are running in the wrong direction, and this helps the job seeker to understand what he must do to turn his career search around.

He personally knows how emotionally devastating job loss can be, the economic hardships and relationship strains it can cause, and it gives him a passion to serve those who are so affected. He currently serves as a volunteer coach at the Career Transitions Center of Chicago where he recently coached their coaches on his interviewing system. He also teaches interviewing techniques to the poor at the Elam Davies Social Services Center.