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The Enlightened Entrepreneur

The Enlightened Entrepreneur – PUT YOUR DRAMA, TRAUMA, AND PASSION TO WORK

Christa Jan Ryan has found a way to take the passion and drama that has been her life and put it to use. Christa is a survivor of a painfully abusive relationship but has found a way to not only survive but thrive as she moves forward with a message of empowerment for all.

Christa discusses her award winning, best-selling book SILENT SCREAM FROM THE HAMPTON’S and the lessons that we can take from this real life story that includes tragedy and redemption. Additional lessons like the need to understand and set boundaries, creating the right intent, being a peace maker versus peace keeper, and having healthy relationships are discussed. These are lessons every entrepreneur can benefit from as we all have had our setbacks but we struggle to stay on our path.

Come and listen be inspired by a woman who took the self proclaimed “soap-opera” that was her life and turned it into a path of personal and professional success.