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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Build Your Business with a Strong Personal Brand & Solid Networking Activities

In this episode, Annemarie Cross interviews Mark Cofano, e-Business Architect and co-founder of Victory Networking. Mark Cofano has been able to generate 100% of his business by direct referral and recommendation in the last three years.  Throughout this stellar interview, Mark takes the time to talk about how he’s been able to achieve these phenomenal successes.

In the world of business, especially online, it’s important to stand out from the crowd.  Annemarie and Mark discuss the importance of personal/business “branding” and the definition of “brand equity” (and what it all means to you!).  What are the things that tell your audience–uniquely!–who you are?  Or, are you one of the many budding entrepreneurs out there who hasn’t quite found your “voice” yet?  Are you lacking direction?  Discovering who you are, and where your talents lie, is the first step to Branding.

In this new age of Social Networking, there are more opportunities than ever to meet not only with friends, but with potential clients.  Annemarie notes, “So many [small business owners] really think of Networking as something that they have to do, not something they necessarily want to do…because they think they have to put on a [false] persona.”  Mark and Annemarie investigate the importance of being “authentic” in your personal and business dealings.

Learn how to make purposeful “Second Communications” with potential clients.  Learn why Networking is so important, how to do it, and how to create personal value.  Throughout the course of this interview, Mark Cofano shares some of his tried-and-true branding and Networking strategies.

Learn how to change your sales pitch from “spam” (even in real life Networking events, “spam” can happen!) to a brilliant “opt-in” plan.  One good turn deserves another.  Once you listen to this podcast, you’ll know your value, know your skills, know how to brand yourself, and you’ll be offering your services to all sorts of people–and they’ll be offering some of their expertise right back!