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Live To 100 – Is A Vegan Diet Best For Raising Healthy Children? (Part 1 of 2)

Would you like to raise beautiful, graceful, and strong children? Learn startling and intriguing first-hand clinical accounts on cultural diets and longevity from Dr. J. E. Williams, a world renowned pioneer in the field of integrative medicine and longevity. Dr. J. E. Williams is known as the “Indiana Jones of Natural Medicine.” During his 40 years of medical practice, he has seen thousands of patients and has traveled the world from the sunless Arctic to the high Andean Mountains and the deep Amazon rainforests where he lived among more than twenty indigenous tribes in search of healing practices from shamans and medicinal plants to extend human health and longevity. Hear what he has to say about diets and how he used his rich knowledge, experience and research to raise his own three stunning children! Dr. Williams also authored numerous internationally acclaimed books including “Prolonging Health,” “Beating the Flu,” and “Viral Immunity.” Join Dr. Thienna and Dr. J. E. Williams on this fascinating exclusive 2-part interview today. Always live long and live strong on Live to 100 with Dr. Thienna.