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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – How to Cure Cancer by Making the Right Food Choices! An interview with renowned neuroscientist and researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried

The Big C. Cancer. The disease that kills more Americans than any other. Believed by most to be a death sentence. Months of intolerable chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments. Lose your hair and your appetite and feel terrible for months. That doesn’t have to be the case at all according to Boston College Professor of Biology, Dr. Thomas Seyfried. Even if you’re Michael Douglas or Teddy Kennedy, you would benefit from what this man has to say. He breaks all the rules by stating publicly why you should avoid x-ray treatments and how steroid medications (drugs used in most leukemia protocols and by most patients with brain tumors) can actually “feed” cancer cells.

His incisive and scientifically-based insights use the same principles that main-stream medicine uses to identify cancerous tumors in the body, but takes them one step further. He makes recommendations about how these fundamentals of biology can be used to treat cancer. By identifying the metabolic basis for cancer, he outlines an approach that should become the template for all cancer therapies — a treatment protocol that attacks cancer cells while enhancing function in normal cells. If you’ve ever had chemotherapy or radiation, you know all too well how they make you feel and what impact they have on your body. The revolutionary approach recommended by Dr. Seyfried relies on one unique difference between normal cells and cancer cells. Cancer cells don’t have the metabolic flexibility to transition between fuel sources while normal cells do. It’s like a hybrid car that can use gas and ethanol. Cancer cells only can use one type so when only ethanol is available, they die.

In one of his peer-reviewed medical papers he even states that of all the chronic diseases we are afflicted by, cancer should be the easiest one to prevent! So, be sure you don’t miss a word this respected scientist has to say. It may tip the world of cancer treatments on its head.