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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Creating the Office of Your Dreams

In this episode, Ambitious Entrepreneur‘s Annemarie Cross welcomes DeAnna Radaj, owner of Bante Design LLC.   DeAnna is a nationally recognized speaker on healthy home design, color therapy, the psychology of clutter for adults and children, and a variety of business topics for the individual, small business owner and entrepreneur.

Did you realize that the way you setup your office, including the décor and colors you use, can have an impact on your overall efficiency as well as your ability to attract your ideal clients, vendors and employees?  DeAnna discusses office space and helps you figure out how to tweak, remodel, or re-design your space so suits your personal needs.  Learn to maximize your space so that you can not only work more efficiently, but enjoy your life more overall.

Using her patented Integrative Lifestyle Design, DeAnna Radaj combines Feng Shui and eco-friendliness for a brand new decorating experience.  “So many times it’s hand-me-down furniture, or stuff you have from a past relationship, or you bought it just to throw up on a blank wall, and we sometimes surround ourselves with things that have no meaning or a negative meaning,” says DeAnna of the typical office space.  In other words: If you don’t even want to be in your office–how can you expect to get any work done in it?

“Design for you.  Not what you should have or how it should be set up–get rid of the ‘shoulds,'” says DeAnna.  You’re the one who has to work in that space: Make it suit you.  DeAnna explains how to maximize your efficiency by asking yourself the 3 De-Clutter Questions.

Listen to DeAnna speak about Feng Shui, the benefits of implementing an Integrative Lifestyle Design, how to de-clutter your office and keep it organized, the meaning of color, as well as other things you can do to create the office of your dreams.