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Live To 100 – Can Nutrition Affect Your Baby’s Brain and IQ?

Up until now, no one has ever looked at the brain of a nutrient-restricted primate in utero to see if fetal brain development is normal or not. Hear first-hand accounts and details of the first historically recorded experiment here today! What do you think will happen to the fetus brain if you reduce your calorie intake during pregnancy? Do you think the brain will be smaller or will it be normal? Will malnutrition during pregnancy potentially lower your baby’s IQ? All the answers will surprise you! Join Dr. Thienna for this exclusive interview with Dr. Thomas McDonald on one of the hottest topics related to baby and parent nutrition. Dr. Thomas McDonald is the top specialist in primate fetal programming research and fetal stereotaxic surgery. He got his Ph.D. in Physiology at Cornell University in 1988. Currently, Dr. McDonald is an associate Professor at the University of Texas Health Science Center and he is also an adjunct scientist for Southwest National Primate Research Center in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. McDonald’s acclaimed research had been published in various academic journals including Journal of Neuroscience Methods, International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience, Pediatric Research, Endocrinology, and Journal of Physiology to name a few. On today’s show, you will learn invaluable insights and answers on how to boost your baby’s IQ. Live Long and Live Strong on Live to 100 with Dr. Thienna.