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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – I Believe in Ghosts

For all time people have reported seeing ghosts. But how could there possibly be an explanation for such a stupid idea? Our guest this week is a very experienced ghost hunter. She clearly has he gift to be able to ‘see’ things that many others do not see, or ‘hear’ ghostly sounds that others may not hear. It’s all a matter of sensibility, being in the right place, in the right frame of mind. Some have the gift – some do not. My guest – Natalie Osborne Thomason – has written books on her experience of over 100 ghostly sightings, of one sort or another. Her theory, as to how ghostly messages are received from buildings or roads, is compared with the known science of ghosts and telepathy. It seems that the carrier of telepathy is stored, like a tape recording, in buildings or roads, which is then released sometime later to be picked up by a sensitive person. This rational explanation, for ghostly visions or sounds, turns a paranormal stupidity into something which is quite normal for our guest. Natalie says she is never frightened of ghosts because to her, they are normal. To others the experience can be utterly frightening.