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Dõv Baron

The Accidental Guru – The Pitbull of Personal Development: Larry Winget in your face!

Dõv Baron interviews Larry Winget, five-times New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author , also known as the Pitbull of Personal Development®.  Join in as Winget offers solid advice for improving your life, business, finances and family!

Tried of being the typical uplifting motivational speaker, Larry Winget went through a complete personality and career makeover saying, “I really did just throw off the person everyone expected me to be and decided to become authentic.”  Stating that he was “absolutely unhappy with who I was,” it was clear that Winget needed a complete transformation if he was to stop feeling like “the biggest prostitute who ever lived.”  Winget decided to stop selling out–to regain his soul and his look–and stop trying to make other people happy just for a quick buck.  In this interview, Larry Winget shares what the process was like to change his life and how you can do it too!

Baron and Winget discuss taking accountability for one’s own actions.  “I’ve written five best-sellers on five different topics, but they call come down to one thing: Life’s your own damn fault!  You did it.  Your thoughts, your words, your actions created the life you’re living,” says Winget.  Are you taking responsibility for your own life?  Baron and Winget share the importance of taking control of your life–of your responses and actions–especially in difficult times.  You are in charge of your own life.  Don’t believe it?  Keep listening.

But what about the children?  Baron and Winget address the sense of entitlement that many of today’s kids grow up with and how it’s going to harm them later in life.

Changes in the economy?  The government?  It all starts with you.  “Everything gets better when you get better,” says Winget.  The vast majority has “become very comfortable blaming others” for their problems.  Are you one of those people?  Are you ready not to be?  Tune in!